Conveyor belt 3D printer

Printrbot and Polar3D introduce Printrbelt; a new conveyor belt 3D printer

Printrbot and Polar3D develop a new conveyor belt 3D printer

While it isn’t a new concept, the conveyor belt 3D printer idea is gaining more and more popularity this year. Prove of this ‘trend’ popping up is the recent launching of the Printrbelt 3D printer, which just debuted last week after its successful development by Printrbot and Polar 3D.

Conveyor belt 3D printer
Picture caption: Printrbelt 3D printer; This machine is the result of a partnership between Polar 3D and Printrbot.

A 3D printer that prints on a conveyor belt for parts of unlimited length

The Printrbelt’s printhead works by moving on an X axis angled at 35° to the Z axis. Z axis is composed of a heated print bed conveyor belt; It is compact and has extensive size, but the real beauty of it is their cloud platform allows you to have a single printer that takes the place of many printers. So instead of having a whole slew of printers printing all your pieces, you can send all your files to the print qeue for the printer belt. The printer will go and print all of them successively and just move down the belt and fall off.

Conveyor belt 3D printer
Picture Caption: The Printrbelt also features automatic part ejection.

Here are some Technical Specifications for the Printrbelt:

  • Model: 1706
  • Build Volume (X-Y-Z): 
  • Print Resolution: .2mm layer height recommended.
  • Print Speed: 30-60mm/sec depending on material. Results may vary.
  • Filament: 1.75mm PLA (sample included).
  • Extruder: Gear Head v2 Alu Extruder.
  • Hot End: Ubis 13HF.
  • Rails: Linear Rail and carriages for X & Y.
  • Belt: Stainless steel covered in Kapton.
  • Belt Drive Pulleys: 20 tooth, dual flange GT2 aluminum.
  • Electronics: Printrboard Rev F6, Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Software: Polar3D will provide the cloud software. WIFI or ethernet is required.
  • Power Requirements: Standard 110V outlet.
  • Motors: Nema17 for X, Y and Extruder. Geared stepper for Z belt.
  • Overall Footprint*:  20.25″ x 13″ x 14″.

*Source: Printbot

Actually, Brook Drumm from Printrbot showed the Printrbelt before the machine’s first public demonstration at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) celebrated last week in Texas. Drumm’s Youtube Description of the Printrbot Printrbelt teaser actually says:

“The Printrbot Printrbelt allows for very long prints, multiple copies of one print, or a whole project of files to be printed in one shot. It is a beta, but too fun to keep to ourselves”.

You can see Printrbelt at work in the video below:

The Printrbelt Conveyor belt 3D printer is available by pre order on Printrbot’s site. It is currently on sale for $1,699.15 (normal price will be $1,999). Starting in 2 weeks, Printrbot will be fabricating the machines one at a time and shipping them in order; Then, the company plans to increase production until delivering times drops to the next day. Printrbot is also running a general Fourth of July sale! – everything is 15% off until July 4th at midnight PST.

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