JADE 3D Printer and Constructor 3D design software REWARDS CAMPAIGN

COLIBRÍ3D launches new JADE Professional 3D printer and CONSTRUCTOR 3D Design Software license for under USD $10

Mexican-based project COLIBRÍ3D recently launched an early sale campaign in order to promote its own software & hardware products: the JADE model 3D printer and the 3D Constructor PRO design software. Whether used by professionals or beginners, both products promise to be High-Quality technologies delivering an intuitive User experience at particularly affordable prices.

Right now, COLIBRÍ3D Rewards Campaign offers different rewards for its sponsors through special prices, starting from only 10 USD dollars (199.00 MXN) for a Constructor PRO 3D Design software lifetime license and 292.98 USD dollars (5,995.00 MXN) for the JADE 3D Printer, while the biggest rewards include Integral Additive Manufacturing Center and 3D Printing Farm kits.

2020 has been a year of many challenges for design and manufacturing companies, academic institutions, teachers, and students learning at home, creators, and entrepreneurs. That is why we want to make available to all of them a functional and personalized custom manufacturing tool for easy use, as well as an accessible 3D modeling platform so that they can continue designing their projects and materializing their ideas.

– Alfie R. R., Leader of the COLIBRÍ3D project. Source: COLIBRÍ3D

Details about the JADE & CONSTRUCTOR a 3d design software

The JADE 3D printer has a manufacturing volume of 22 x 22 x 25 cm. It is easy to install, compatible with more than 10 different materials, silent, and accessible. On the other hand, the Constructor PRO 3D design software has 8 modules among which features such as converting 2D traces to 3D, solids of revolution, basic edition of STL’s, and digital sculpture, stand out. You can find further details and specifications for both products on their official website.

CONSTRUCTOR 3D Design software
Image: CONSTRUCTOR interface sample. Source: Colibrí3D.

Video – COLIBRÍ3D: Reinvent the future of custom manufacturing

Video: Reinvent the future of custom manufacturing. (Turn on subtitles for english). Source: Youtube.

To date, COLIBRÍ3D identifies 3 important market segments:

  • Manufacturing companies looking for design and reducing manufacturing times and costs.
  • Students and teachers at home who require digital and tangible resources that are accessible for teaching and learning.
  • Entrepreneurs and creators who need accessible tools to carry out their ideas and projects.


COLIBRÍ3D is a project from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The 7 members of the team are passionate about custom manufacturing who seek to reinvent the future of this field by enabling to both enthusiasts and professionals an affordable, functional, and easy to use integral platform of 3D design and 3D printing.

Many years ago, COLIBRÍ3D had a great impact and sales rebound mainly in the northwestern part of Mexico. However, due to this accelerated growth, its technological development, technical support, and spare parts supply capabilities were all exceeded. As a result, they decided to move away for a while from the 3D printing scene in order to redefine its mission and vision. After listening to the real needs of current users of 3D technologies, Colibrí3D decided to take off and provide a unique and comprehensive experience for the design and manufacturing community so that everyone can digitize their projects and materialize their ideas through an accessible 3D design platform (Constructor PRO) and a professional 3D printer (JADE).

Now, its vision for this new decade is to reinvent the future of custom manufacturing in Mexico. The team is convinced that the key to achieving this goal is to delight its users again.

JADE 3D Printer - testing phase
Picture: An engineer from the COLIBRÍ3D team working with the JADE 3D printer during its development phase. Caption: At present, one of the biggest challenges for the project is scalability. That is, to integrate a team with local resources to immediately provide advice on the development of applications, support, training, tools, and necessary supplies so that its clients –existing and new– can carry out all of their projects in time & form. Source: Colibrí3D.

Upcoming updates in the manufacturing process

Currently, COLIBRÍ3D is the developer of the 3D Constructor PRO design software and, in a strategic alliance with a foreign manufacturer, it is managing to supply more than half of the components and assemblies of its new JADE 3D printer, however, being a project that seeks to consolidate as the benchmark in the development and manufacture of their own 3D technology in Mexico, they are evaluating various local manufacturers and suppliers so that their subsequent developments can be manufactured at least 60% – 80% within local facilities.

If you are a professional in the design and manufacturing industry, a student, teacher, creator, or entrepreneur, we strongly recommend you to take a look at this project, which will be open to raising funds from the second week of November 2020, until the second week of December 2020. After that, the delivery phase for these rewards will start in January 2021.


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