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Back to school items to 3D print – 3D files

Top 10 Back-to-School Tools You Can Download and 3D Print

Summer is ending, and it’s time to go back to your classroom. The good news is that looking at this list of great back-to-school models to print in 3D, even I am considering returning to my student days or at least printing half of these supplies for my desk!

1) Pencil Extender

back to school pencil
Pencil extender – 3D printable model

At some point, a pencil gets so small that it’s almost impossible to use. But no matter how difficult it is to grab an old crayon, you don’t want to waste it until it evaporates in the cosmos. Is that the case? Well, this extender will become part of your daily life, so you never put aside those mini pencils, especially if you are an artist, I’m sure that you will love it.

Model by spooner2011 on Thingiverse.

2) Page Holder

3D Printed Page Holder
3D Printed Page Holder

Holding a book has never been so easy! Now you only need one hand to hold & separate the book of your favourite subject.

Find this printable model by Ales Strucovsky on Thingiverse.

3) Folder Holder

Folder holder with 3D printed connector parts
Folder holder with 3D-printed connector parts

Need some help to organize your homework? Keep your worksheets and assignments close and clear with this DIY model to 3D print.

 Download the 3D files for the folder holder by CK Designs on Thingiverse.

4) Arm-shaped hook

back to school Arm shaped hook
3D printable Arm Shape Hook

Download the hook in the shape of the arm. You can hang the backpack at your desk. Also, It is possible to hang the key or the cap on top of the hook. Don’t you think this design looks like strong? WallTosh prepared two types of thicknesses 20mm and 30mm. Source: Pinshape.

5) All-In-One Case

back to school All In One Case
Portable, Functional, and Convenient gadget to 3D print.

The challenge for MattParrish was to design a set of three 3D printable school supplies: a pencil case, a ruler, and a pencil topper. Going above and beyond he precisely formulated a revolutionary design that utilizes a portable, open, self-contained package. The design works to provide secure and immediate access to the necessary supplies. Included in this innovative design is the option of easily securing the holder to the standard three-ring binder allowing for ease of transport and assurance that you will have the necessaries (protractor, ruler, flash drives, pencils, and my own ez-grip toppers) at all times. From the standpoint of the user personalization is an option, for example, school logos, sports associations, etc. Source: Thingiverse.

6) Tape Dispenser

Tape dispenser, virtual model

Print one when you need one! A minimalist tape dispenser that simply works! You can find the printable model by Lefabshop on Cults3D.

7) Microsoft Surface Stylus Clip 3D View


Stop worrying about not losing your Surface Stylus pen! Just print this simple but useful clip and hold it to the screen.

Model by Lefabshop on Cults3D.

8) Spirograph: Prusament Pool

Spirograph by%20Dominik%20Cisar min large

Speed up your creativity with this practical model created by architect and designer Cisardom. There are no special requirements for the printing or the assembling. For the inner circle just click into the spool. Other circles put together and secured with screes. 

Source: Cults3D.

9) 3D printed Bookstand

Book Stand
3D printed Book Stand

Make your book stand more cool and interesting adding this free download Model to 3D print! Original size: 60mm x 180mm x 50mm. The author, rus, recently added the opposite model so enjoy it!

Source: Thingiverse.

10) 3D printed articulating LED lamp

back to school articulated lamp
Articulated LED lamp.

Having good lighting at your desk or at a reading location is essential for your visual comfort and the health of your eyes. Although, it is not always possible to find a lamp of your liking, or that does not occupy much space on your desk, limiting your work area. In project, igorF2 made a 3D printed articulating lamp, which can be configured according to your needs.

Possibly the final product will be more expensive than ordinary lamps that you will find in stores. But none will be configurable like this, nor will will let you be proud to say that you did it by yourself! If you have a 3D printer or have access to one in your hacker/maker space, this is an interesting and useful project to equip your workshop and practice your 3D printing and modeling skills. Clic HERE to find the free files to 3D print.

Enjoy printing any of the back to school 3D models above, more objects will be added soon!

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