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Korea’s first artificial eye using 3D printing

Research team in Severance Hospital is working towards massive production technology of Korea’s first artificial eye using 3D printing

In Korea, at least an average of 60,000 patients require an artificial eye. Yet only only 40,000 have access to such prostheses. Therefore, researchers worked a period of three years on a technology that uses 3D printers to simplify the production process for an artificial eye.

Now that the team lead by Professor Yoon Jin-sook and artificial eye maker Baik Seung-woon have succeed, they are looking for two main things:

A) To test to test the safety and validity of prototype products
B) Achieving GMP certification and secure mass production technology for the prototype.
Furthermore, they hope to set up a system that covers consulting, design, production and delivery for artificial eyes. Their aspiration is to make 3D printed eyes commercially available for patients in various regions and countries.

artificial eye
Professor Yoon Jin-sock

While artificial eye may not be functional, these provide an aesthetic solution to patients if they want to. Researchers team is hoping start testing prototypes by 2020.

In fact, Minintry of Science and ICT is also partner on this “Artificial Eye Project”. As part of the ministry’s program, the project was sponsored by them during phase 1 and now the company renewed its agreement for the second phase.

“We want to help patients who need artificial eyes with our 3D printing technology.” Professor Yoon, the team’s leader said. “Our team plans to provide top-notch public health services through high-quality artificial eyes and a network that can increase patient access.”

It’s been 2 months since the team started its commercialization procedure by licensing out the technology to Carima. This last one is a local company that specialises in digital light processing (DLP) 3D printers. The team has also registered a patent for artificial eye technology in China.

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