7 3D-Printable Tools worth adding to your Workbench.


Everyone that owns a 3d printer has his vices. We print out those random things we find online and we print a lot of them. For some, it’s little figures like the Marvin or MakerBot. For others Props of all shapes and sizes. For me, it’s workbench printable tools. I just can’t get enough of them. I don’t think I can print something better than I can buy but in some cases, I have found things to print that fit my needs better than something I could buy. In most cases, though I just print them because they are fun to see if they will work. I decided to post up a few of my favorites.

Edit: We Made A post here for 2017 but this one is legit.

1) Solder Cable Holder

I have printed and bought quite a few things to help hold wires and boards in place while I solder them but this is one of my go to’s. Most of the time I’m in a hurry or just need to make a couple quick solder points so this works out great.

2) Miter Razor

I don’t do much model building these days but I do build Rc planes and this is a great cutter for those little balsa pieces like control horns. It comes in handy for cutting all kinds of things though.

3) Razor Guillotine

Another nifty razor to have handy. I keep it around for the shrink wrap tubes but I have used it to cut thin wires as well.

4) Resistor lead forming tool

I use a breadboard a lot and getting wires to stay put is always a pain. this tool as more than paid for the time it took to print. It makes prototyping easy.

5) Angle presser

This one was a case of print for a purpose. I Printed 4 of these to hold the box together while it dried that is now my printer closure. I’m not sure what i will use them for now but they didn’t cost 10$ a piece like what was in the store so I don’t mind keeping them around.

6) Fully printable PCB vise

This is my all time favorite print. I have used this for just about every solder job I have done. It works like a charm. If there is one workbench item you should print it’s this. I get more use out of this than just about every tool on my bench.

7) Printable Tools – Knife Sharpener 

This is my current print so I can’t say how well it will work. If it works half as good as the worksharp kit I’ll be happy. Keeping knives sharp is a never ending job but I can’t tell you how many sharpening systems I have tried. In the end, I always go back to my old wet stones but setting a proper edge is tricky even for the experienced. I’m hoping this will give me a much more consistent edge.

If you have a favorite stop in our forum and share. 


  1. WOW, that is one huge knife sharpener! And one huge knife! I really like the solder helpers. I like R/C cars/buggies and hate soldering ESC’s, battery, and motor together without a table. Having some help while I’m out at the track would be really nice!