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7 3D-Printable Tools worth adding to your Workbench.

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Everyone that owns a 3d printer has his vices. We print out those random things we find online and we print a lot of them. For some, it’s little figures like the Marvin or MakerBot. For others Props of all shapes and sizes. For me, it’s workbench printable tools. I just can’t get enough of them. I don’t think I can print something better than I can buy but in some cases, I have found things to print that fit my needs better than something I could buy. In most cases, though I just print them because they are fun to see if they will work. I decided to post up a few of my favorites.

Edit: We Made A post here for 2017 but this one is legit.

1) Solder Cable Holder

I have printed and bought quite a few things to help hold wires and boards in place while I solder them but this is one of my go to’s. Most of the time I’m in a hurry or just need to make a couple quick solder points so this works out great.

2) Miter Razor

I don’t do much model building these days but I do build Rc planes and this is a great cutter for those little balsa pieces like control horns. It comes in handy for cutting all kinds of things though.

3) Razor Guillotine

Another nifty razor to have handy. I keep it around for the shrink wrap tubes but I have used it to cut thin wires as well.

4) Resistor lead forming tool

I use a breadboard a lot and getting wires to stay put is always a pain. this tool as more than paid for the time it took to print. It makes prototyping easy.

5) Angle presser

This one was a case of print for a purpose. I Printed 4 of these to hold the box together while it dried that is now my printer closure. I’m not sure what i will use them for now but they didn’t cost 10$ a piece like what was in the store so I don’t mind keeping them around.

6) Fully printable PCB vise

This is my all time favorite print. I have used this for just about every solder job I have done. It works like a charm. If there is one workbench item you should print it’s this. I get more use out of this than just about every tool on my bench.

7) Printable Tools – Knife Sharpener 

This is my current print so I can’t say how well it will work. If it works half as good as the worksharp kit I’ll be happy. Keeping knives sharp is a never ending job but I can’t tell you how many sharpening systems I have tried. In the end, I always go back to my old wet stones but setting a proper edge is tricky even for the experienced. I’m hoping this will give me a much more consistent edge.

If you have a favorite stop in our forum and share. 

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  1. Bernie says

    Great stuff. Will certainly be printing a few of these!

  2. Mark says

    What a brilliant article – thanks for sharing. I’m particularly taken by the Solder Cable Holder and the Razor Guillotine – cool.

    1. 3AM Productions says

      I get a lot of use out of those.

  3. Peter says

    Its nice to see more and more people coming up with everyday uses for 3D printing and sharing them with everyone else. It’s really a beautiful thing the sharing of ideas.

  4. Romeo says

    We all seem to have that ideal plan for development of new ideas of products to be created or improved in some way! I see many to which I’d love to design should I be blessed with that of an opportunity!

  5. Juan Solis says

    That knife sharpener can save a lot of money , looks like a wicked edge that cost more than $300.

  6. Tom Baxter says

    Great article Nathan. I love both razor cutters and will be printing them out soon! I really like the corner clamps as well. Good job!

  7. Richard Bynum says

    WOW, that is one huge knife sharpener! And one huge knife! I really like the solder helpers. I like R/C cars/buggies and hate soldering ESC’s, battery, and motor together without a table. Having some help while I’m out at the track would be really nice!

  8. agocer says

    Very nice…

  9. Adam Davis says

    They are all great. Have been seeing sharpeners like that in stores, do not want to spend that much, now I’ll make my own!

  10. Carol Oddy says

    A few really good ideas on tools for 3D printing !!

  11. Darren says

    Important tools that I will make sure I use with my 3d Printer.

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