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11 3D Prints for your Household

There is a public misconception that 3D prints are for toys and trinkets, not for household use. While I’ll admit it is tempting to 3D print trinkets like Baby Groot and fidget spinners , I actually have utilized my 3D printers for household use.

In the 2 years I have use 3D printers, I have produced the following 3D prints to be used in the house.

1. Sink Strainer 3D Prints

3d print Sink strainer
3D prints Sink strainer at home, from

Sink strainers may not sound like glamorous 3D prints, but the ones I printed are used daily to keep crud away from the garbage disposal. I used a parametric program in Thingiverse to generate one that fit my sink perfectly. If you want to print one, use a high temperature filament like Collorfabb nGEn or nylon so it can withstand boiling hot water going through it.

2. Light Switch Plate

Imagine it is late at night, and you need to find that one switch to the bathroom. Instead of blindly searching, imagine if that light switch plate was visible.

switch plate 3D prints
Switch plate in authors home, customized from

Now it is possible to 3D print a light switch plate with glow in the dark material. I have several glow in the dark plates installed in my home, and I can attest that they do glow throughout the night.

3. Chair glider / pads

Those plastic pads on the bottom of chairs and furniture love to break at odd times, and the ones you get from the hardware store never match.

Using a parametric program you can customize ones for your unique furniture. I’ve made a couple different designs in the past to replace ones from old furniture.

4. Knife Block

knife block 3D prints
Steak knife block printed by the author, designer unknown

When cooking I found having a few knives ready saves a lot of frustration. You could use the standard chunk of wood knife blocks, or you can customize your kitchen with something like a Spartan Knife block .

5. Kitchen Utensils

If you have a special event, you can impress your guest and 3D print custom items. From custom wine charms to special tools, you can find an print what you need instead of shopping for them

6. Door Stops

With the return of Game of Thrones, you can 3D print this Hodor door stop to prop your doors open or closed.

7. Toilet Paper Holders

You spend a lot of time on the porcelain throne, so you might as well spruce up the commode with a TP holder that matches your personality.

Space Invader TP holder 3d prints
Space Invader TP holder, from

8. TV Remote Holder

Modern TV’s require a remote to operate them. So unlike the past where you could switch channels with a stick (true story) you now have to use a remote that loves to hide. Having a designated holder for it can insure you don’t waste time trying to find that lousy remote when your favorite show starts.

9. IKEA Hacks

IKEA is a brand that everyone loves to hate on. Despite this the diy community loves to hack into IKEA’s particle board to modify their furniture into something functional and useful. Some tables have been hacked into printer enclosures.

Ikea Hack 3D prints
IKEA lack printer enclosure, hacked by

10. That Broken Plastic Piece on Appliance

The greatest use of 3D printing can be when you break that one plastic piece you need for an appliance to work. Rather than throw out a whole appliance, you can use a free CAD program to model and 3D print a replacement

11. Restroom Signs

Help your guest out at your next party and label which door is the restroom. You can also show your 3D printing hobby obsession by printing this extruding sign.

Please return to this blog next week for a filament review of Proto Pasts HTPLA v3.

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