10 Most Viewed Models on MyMiniFactory

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The 3DPrinting world is full of models to discover. And then I started a series about Top 10 something on the main websites that host models. Now I’m going to share with you the 10 Most Viewed Models on MyMiniFactory.

Since I wrote this article: 10 places to get 3D Printing Models I’ve fallen in love with MyMiniFactory. The models hosted there seems “cuter” than the ones posted on Thingiverse. It’s just my impression… But let’s begin with this list.

1: Pokemon Aimer – 227,240 views

Last year PokemónGo was out, and everyone started to play it. One of the tasks was to launch a Pokeball to catch a pokemón. And some of us don’t have that good aim to throw things around, so this model appeared and everyone started to print those.

PokemonGo Aim MyMiniFactory

2: Minion Chess – 221,660 views

Oh Despicable Me… A movie that first shown to the world the amazing Minions. These creatures that love bananas and talk like a baby. They are soooooo cute! <3 So a guy, apparently with the same love that I have for Minions created pieces of chess using Minions like Queen, King, and Bananas like the pawn.

Minion Chess Set MyMiniFactory

Chess Minion Queen MyMiniFactory










3: Thor from Destiny – 192,374 views

From all guns that I saw so far, this one looks AWESOME. And we all know a Youtuber that loves printing guns, isn’t that right Joel (3DPrintingNerd)?

Thor from Destiny MyMiniFactory

And apparently Joel did print this gun, check it out!

We have a sequence of weapons now…

4: Duck MK. 44 Hand Cannon from Destiny – 127,329 views

Destiny MK MyMiniFactory

5: Destiny Last Word Exotic Cannon – 89,833 views

Destiny Last Cannon MyMiniFactory

6: Devil May Cry Rebellion Sword – 79,245 views

Devil May Cry Sword MyMiniFactory

7: PewDiePie Legend of the Brofist – 78,642 views

PewDiePie is the biggest YouTuber on Youtube world. So he did a game where he is the main character and the slogan of the game became a 3DPrint model. It’s a good challenge to multicolor print or to finish by hand since this model have a lot of details

PewDiePie MyMiniFactory

Now back to weapons…

8: Frostmourne from Warcraft – 68,387 views

Frostmourne from Warcraft MyMiniFactory

9: Destiny Conduit F3 Fusion Rifle – 67,500 views

Conduit f3 from destiny MyMiniFactory

10: Ghost Destiny – 64,556 views

Ghost from Destiny MyMiniFactory


Damn, what Destiny has that 5 of 10 models listed here is from that game? Well, like you saw this posts don’t have any of the ‘useful’ prints because I filtered based on the most viewed models, not the popular ones. But MyMiniFactory is an awesome place to get fan action models. A rule on that website is that every model that is ever uploaded need to be printed and validate before show up on the list.

Soon I may continue this series on the popular models from MyMiniFactory.

So check out the first post of this series: 10 Popular Models on Thingiverse

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See ya!

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  1. Richard Bynum says

    WOW- People like video game guns and swords! haha. So if I ever wanted to make some money I could make some of these huh?! I love browsing around in MyMiniFactory, Thingiverse, and GrabCad!!

  2. Juan Solis says

    Seems like the Pokemon aimer wont let you spin the ball, but for those who prefer to play safe looks like a good option.
    My favorite it’s the Minion chess, those Minions stole the show in that movie, they are hilarious, I even have the Minion 3d glasses in home.

  3. Justin Flugum says

    My minifactory looks cool I haven’t done much with it. I usually am on Thingiverse.

  4. Ronan says

    Thats surprising

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