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Hi guys,
My name is Lays Rodrigues, and today I received an invitation to post on this blog.
So, I accept, and a few minites later my head start to sppining, because my first post will be the first impression that you will have about me. But i don’t have the habit to run of the challenges.

Talking about Qt and C++ on Campus Party Brazil, Sao Paulo - host for 3d printing
Talking about Qt and C++ on Campus Party Brazil, Sao Paulo

So, first things first.
My name is Lays Rodrigues,I’m 23 years old, and i’m a student of Computer Science at Universidade Federal Fluminense on Rio das Ostras, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, my hometown. And since May 2015, I start to develop a printer host for 3D printing.
I’m a newbie on using open source software in my daily basis, but the world of Open Source and Free Software catch my attention after I started to went on events about this subjects. So, I started using Ubuntu, later Debian and now I’m using Fedora 22 as my OS.
I started work with the 3d printing world almost a year ago after a friend came to me with a problem: The printer hosts on the market like Repetier Host don’t have a good performance on GNU/Linux environment, cause they are writing on C#. So after a few weeks of conversation and brainstorms, we decided to make our on printer host. So was there that the Br-Print3D project started. And since I’m engaged to make better and simple printer host for 3d printing.
This is my main project today. Br-Print3D is the first printer host open source write on C++ and Qt.
You can get more information about my project on bellow links:

I’m really proud of my work, because the version that we have of Br-Print3D today is a stable one, and we made really good models print, with a great quality.

Millenium Falcon 0.2mm - host for 3d printing
Millenium Falcon 0.2mm
Skull 0.2mm - host for 3d printing
Skull 0.2mm

So, I hope made a great job on 3DPrinterChat, and thanks Hakan for the invitation. =D

That’s all folks!
Lays Rodrigues

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  1. Daniel F says

    Great to have you onboard! This girl is amazing youll see it on her coming posts! 3d Printers, c++, coding.. .

  2. Greg says

    Thanks for the post, Br-Print3D looks very interesting.

  3. Richard Bynum says

    I’ve been enjoying her (your) posts and remember reading up on the 3D printer host you’ve been working on. Congrats on creating it! When I first started to learn about 3D printing I was so excited but then I learned that we had to know “G-CODE”, then pick a “host” or learn the one that comes with your 3D printer. So happy for the people who post on this website and helps us out! Keep up the great work!

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