This will be Legen…wait for it… dary!


Hi guys,
My name is Lays Rodrigues, and today I received an invitation to post on this blog.
So, I accept, and a few minites later my head start to sppining, because my first post will be the first impression that you will have about me. But i don’t have the habit to run of the challenges.

Talking about Qt and C++ on Campus Party Brazil, Sao Paulo - host for 3d printing
Talking about Qt and C++ on Campus Party Brazil, Sao Paulo

So, first things first.
My name is Lays Rodrigues,I’m 23 years old, and i’m a student of Computer Science at Universidade Federal Fluminense on Rio das Ostras, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, my hometown. And since May 2015, I start to develop a printer host for 3D printing.
I’m a newbie on using open source software in my daily basis, but the world of Open Source and Free Software catch my attention after I started to went on events about this subjects. So, I started using Ubuntu, later Debian and now I’m using Fedora 22 as my OS.
I started work with the 3d printing world almost a year ago after a friend came to me with a problem: The printer hosts on the market like Repetier Host don’t have a good performance on GNU/Linux environment, cause they are writing on C#. So after a few weeks of conversation and brainstorms, we decided to make our on printer host. So was there that the Br-Print3D project started. And since I’m engaged to make better and simple printer host for 3d printing.
This is my main project today. Br-Print3D is the first printer host open source write on C++ and Qt.
You can get more information about my project on bellow links:

I’m really proud of my work, because the version that we have of Br-Print3D today is a stable one, and we made really good models print, with a great quality.

Millenium Falcon 0.2mm - host for 3d printing
Millenium Falcon 0.2mm
Skull 0.2mm - host for 3d printing
Skull 0.2mm

So, I hope made a great job on 3DPrinterChat, and thanks Hakan for the invitation. =D

That’s all folks!
Lays Rodrigues


  1. I’ve been enjoying her (your) posts and remember reading up on the 3D printer host you’ve been working on. Congrats on creating it! When I first started to learn about 3D printing I was so excited but then I learned that we had to know “G-CODE”, then pick a “host” or learn the one that comes with your 3D printer. So happy for the people who post on this website and helps us out! Keep up the great work!