Buzzed, Wound Up, Glassed: 3Dom USA Filament Review

Buzed, wound, glass PLA

3Dom USA  is a US based company that is making their name in environmentally friendly filaments. Many are made from commercial waste products. They recently made waves when they announced their newest Buzzed filament. They were kind enough to send me samples of Buzzed, Wound Up (coffee-based), and Glass Filled PLA filaments. I printed all the samples pictured at 215…

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Enter the 4th Dimension: 4D Printing

Self-folding elephant

When I first heard of 4D printing, I thought someone was high and trolling me. How could anyone print in the 4th dimension of time? Despite my trepidation, I found that 4D printing is a very real concept. The idea of 4D is to design items so they can self-assemble (fold) from one shape into another. This is done by…

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