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Introducing Liqcreate's Flame Retardant 3D Printing Resin: A Game-Changer for High-Temperature Applications

Why you should check out Liqcreate Flame-Resistant HDT Resin

Introduction:In a game-changing move for the world of 3D printing, Netherlands-based manufacturer Liqcreate has added a remarkable addition to its resin portfolio: the Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT. This cutting-edge engineering 3D printing resin is designed to withstand high temperatures, offering a UL94 V0 flammability rating, making it a versatile choice […]

Removing Supports from 3d prints the right way

Removing Supports from 3d prints the right way

“Removing Supports the Right Way: Get the Perfect 3D Print Every Time!” Introduction 3D printing is a great way to create complex objects quickly and easily. However, when it comes to removing supports from 3D prints, it can be a tricky process. If done incorrectly, it can damage the print […]

close-up on CADworks3D’s sample master mold. 3D printed on the ProFluidics 285D.

CADworks3D Leads the Way in 3D-Printed PDMS Devices

CADworks3Dis setting the pace in the realm of 3D-printed PDMS devices. The landscape of fabricating PDMS devices for microfluidic applications has witnessed remarkable progress in recent years. We’ve moved away from traditional techniques like photolithography towards more cost-effective alternatives, such as soft lithography. However, an exciting new frontier is emerging […]

Avoiding heatbed tapered 3D prints – subtle elephants foot

Has 3D Printing Reached a Zenith?

In recent years, 3D printing has emerged as a transformative force in various industries, revolutionizing the way we manufacture and create. From healthcare to construction, from automotive to aerospace, this technology has proven its mettle. But the question that looms large is whether we have reached the zenith of what […]

PEEK 3d printing : An indepth view

PEEK 3d printing : An indepth view

of 3D printing with PEEK. Introduction PEEK 3D printing is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we manufacture products. It is a form of additive manufacturing that uses a high-temperature thermoplastic material called polyetheretherketone (PEEK) to create complex parts and components. PEEK 3D printing offers […]

High-performance 3D printing materials: The Complete Guide

Solving 3D Printing Woes: The Crucial Calibration Step You Might Be Overlooking

Introduction Imagine investing years in fine-tuning your 3D printing setup, only to suddenly find yourself tearing your hair out in frustration. This scenario is all too familiar to many enthusiasts in the world of 3D printing. Beautiful prints on one day, only to be followed by nightmarish under-extrusion issues the […]

ultimaker 2 7737 008

Ultimaker Expands MakerBot’s Commitment to 3D Printing for Education

Introduction: Ultimaker has announced a significant relaunch of MakerBot, positioning it as the world’s sole 3D printing brand dedicated exclusively to education. This expansion signifies a major stride in enhancing the resources and expertise available for educators worldwide. UltiMaker’s vision is to address the specific needs of teachers and students […]

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New York Bill Calls for Background Checks on 3D Printer Purchases

Introduction:So, there’s some buzz around a new bill in New York that’s got everyone talking. It’s all about 3D printers and a proposed rule that might just change the game. Let’s dive in and find out what’s going on! What’s Going On in New york? New York is currently facing […]

Ash ketchum and pikachu winning the world pokemon championship

The Amazing 3D-Printed Pokemon Collection!

Hey there, fellow Pokemon fans! We all know and love the iconic pocket monsters that have been with us for generations. From Pikachu to Charizard, these creatures have captured our hearts and ignited our imaginations. And when it comes to expressing our love for these lovable creatures, some fans go […]

Warcraft Rumble Promo Image

3D Printing Fun with Warcraft Rumble

Hey fellow 3d Hobbysists, enthusiasts and gamers, have you heard about Blizzard’s latest mobile strategy game, ‘Warcraft Rumble’? It’s not just your regular gaming experience; it’s a magical arcade machine that brings your favourite Warcraft characters to life as toy figurines. And here’s the exciting part: Blizzard lets you 3D […]

3d printed carrot

Students in Qatar Revolutionize Food Production with 3D-Printed Vegetables

Imagine a world where 3D printers can produce not just plastic trinkets but actual edible vegetables. Well, two students in Qatar, Annan and Al Mansoori, have turned this futuristic dream into a reality. They’ve created a 3D printer capable of mass-producing vegetables like carrots using specially grown vegetable cells and […]