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Random Models on Thingiverse

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Well, Thingiverse has tons of 3D models, and since I’m running without ideas to make more lists… Ah Rick and Morty list, noted… I decided to make a list of random models that caught my attention in that unexplored land…

Fully 3D-Printed Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

Rubik Cube Thingiverse

This robot designed by Otvinta3D has a structure that needs to be powered by a Raspberry Pi and some tech tools can solve a Rubik’s Cube using AI. They say on the description that this is a great tool to introduce kids and students to robotics. And I agree. At least, I can see this robot solving the cube, because I was never able to solve one… =/




3D printed articulating lamp

Articulating Lamp


Like the model above, this Lamp is one of the featured models of Thingiverse. The difference here is that this is the first model featured on Thingiverse that I see that was designed by a Brazilian guy, in this case, Igor Albuquerque. You can adjust the way that you want the focus of the light with this great model! I’m just thinking of printing several of these and use different led lamps to make my room colorful… :3




Water Droplet Kinetic Sculpture


Water Kinect Thingiverse


Engineering is an art. This 3d printed version of Water Droplet is awesome. You can move the handle and the other parts of the model start moving making forms. You can check the video of the droplet that this mode was based. The model was designed by Edward Garwol. It’s totally on my list of models to print. =D





Folding 3DPrinted Booklet


booklet thingiverse


Everyone has one, even with the technology following us from the morning to the night, we all have a notebook(or notepad?) laying around. With 3DPrinting you can print this booklet made by my friend Barbara Rocha, with your name on it(or not), and have your own custom notebook. =D

Imagine that with others geometries on it… It’s a whiteboard to the imagination and customizing.



Wireframe Skull Pencil


Wireframe Skull Thingiverse


Now we have this Skull, a classic of 3DPrinting. And a stress test for your 3DPrinter. At least once on the week I cross with a post of someone that printed this model designed by Christian Nelson. You can print in one color or try your skills on gradient printing. In the end, you have a decoration model that also hold pencils! hehehe






Well, this is the list of this week!

Check out the previous list: 3DPrint this you must: Star Wars Models

The next one will be… Rick and Morty and a lot of Pickle Rick for your collection!

Also, check my series about Brazilian Projects:

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  1. Richard Bynum says

    I could spend hours in Thingiverse!! I love the detail in that skull and how the thin lines move up and down as well as in and out!

  2. Tom Baxter says

    I love thingiverse but have come to broaden my horizons as well. Search for files on and you end up finding a bunch of other great sites.

  3. Michael Champlin says

    I like that other people have so kindly posted their models there (and other places) that we can view slice and print out

  4. Richard Bynum says

    I just realized I have enough servos to make the Rubik’s cube robot!! I think that would be fun! I was never able to solve them by myself so maybe a robot can help me out a little. I’ll feel vindicated after it solves it the first time! Kind of a backdoor way of saying I solved it myself (if I build the robot that does the work for me) haha

    1. Daniel F says

      Oh Wow Can you make a step by step guide when you create it? We would love to publish that!

  5. Richard Bynum says

    Yes! As soon as I get my Cubibot sent…After looking through some more pages on here tonight I want to make a drone now!!..My mind races every time I start thinking of all the fun stuff I can make. How about I combine the Rubik’s Cube robot and the drone. That way the robot could fly to every kid whos having trouble solving their Rubik’s Cube and help them! I see a movie in the future for this super-hero robot!!!..LMBO

  6. Dave says

    Thingiverse sometimes makes me feel hopeless/like there’s no reasons left to waste time CAD modeling anymore (even for fun). You can think of the most obscure, uncommon, odd part and after one search – 20 different versions pop up

  7. Juan Solis says

    My favorite is the articulating lamp, I’d like to make it with some glow in the dark filament to find it and adjust it easier in the night, also I like the wireframe skull pencil, as a metalhead there’s never too many skulls around the house .

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