New Cloud-Based 3D Printing Service

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A polish based company Zortrax has announced a cloud-based 3D printing service.  Allowing 3D printing to occur remotely from anywhere in the world.

Zortrax’s optimization of cloud-based 3D printing. Will affect remote business and single users by reducing the time and effort required now by most other online print services.

The staff at Zortrax have already been testing and using the service.  It has been in use by them for countless prints on two hundred printers.

Currently, in the COVID world, services like this are enjoying a newfound reputation.  As more employees find themselves having to telework, they are becoming more prevalent.

Zortrax is not the only company selling a similar service. Others include LOGEEKs DM and Ultimaker which are offering cloud-based printing services.


So, what does this mean for us the hobbyists?  It will allow people who may have never bought a printer exposure to the hobby.  This may well entice them into buying a printer.

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