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Cosplay to the next level With 3D Printing

3DPrinting and Cosplay are a perfect match!

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A while ago, a fellow Brazilian, Eduardo Faerkrag, on our RepRapBR group on Telegram finished printing the armor of the Paladino Danse of Fallou4 game. He went to ComicCon Experience that happened a while ago in Sao Paulo. The armor used more than 32kg of ABS filament and more than 800 hours of work.

Check this video of Eduardo with his Cosplay(Audio in Portuguese):

So, inspired by his work, I decided to poke around and see what kind of Props and Cosplay we have…

As always, MyMiniFactory is the perfect place to search around:

MyMiniFactory Cosplay










Guardians of the Galaxy: Star Lord’s Mask

Star Lord's Mask Cosplay MyMiniFactory
Star Lord’s Mask

Guardians of the Galaxy is an awesome movie. And Baby Groot is lovely. Now you can add Star Lord’s Mask from EDV to your collection! This is the second version of the mask since is wearable. You can print it, and add headphones to listen to Star Lord’s playlist and dance.


Fallout 3 – T45-D Power Armour Helmet

Fallout 3 Helmet MyMiniFactory
Fallout 3 Helmet

That amazing helmet is a design by Daniel Lilygreen. Apparently, Fallout has a lot of fans, and you can find a lot of models from this game laying around MyMiniFactory. Daniel has a few models worth a look under his account, and obviously, a few more from Fallout.

Ultron Fully Wearable Cosplay Mask


Ultron's Helmet MyMiniFactory
Ultron’s Helmet

Oh, Avengers. The Marvel success getting together a lot of heroes. And on Avengers: Age of Ultron we saw the earth suffers from the last invention of our billionaire Tony Stark. This design was made by Stefanos Anagnostopoulos. This isn’t the first time that I choose Stefano’s work to show here. Check this previous post about 3DPrinted Jewelry and what he’s made.


Jack Skellington Cosplay Head

Jack Skellington Head MyMiniFactory
Jack Skellington Head

Damn, I need to print this model. It’s big and cute. This amazing model was designed by Christopher Bermant. You can use print it and you’ll are ready for 2018 Halloween! I know that is far away, but we need to get ideas soon right?

The Mask: [standing in front of a mirror, in the process of going out to a club] It’s party time. P, A, R, T. Y? Because I gotta!

The Mask

The Mask MyMiniFactory
The Mask

My childhood was marked by this cartoon. This is a way to realize how you are old, since the cartoon is from 1995, and I was born in 1992. And also the movies were Jim Carry interpreted The Mask. I’ll totally print this. The design was made by Alan Stanford, his account worth a look. =D

Portal Gun for Cosplay

Portal Gun MyMiniFactory
Portal Gun

I always heard about this game called Portal. However, I never played. But well, now you can play on real life with Kirby Downey Porta Gun. Under his account, he has more than 150 models, and between them a lot of guns and blades from different games. About this Portal Gun, you have spaces on the main body so you can add leds and make your gun more powerful.


Doom – BFG Whole

Doom BFG Gun MyMiniFactory
Doom BFG Gun

Now, this is BIG. It’s a full-size BFG from the game Doom. The design was a partnership of Kirby and Bethesda Softworks. I don’t have much to say about beyond the size of this gun and all the work that needs to be built. They made available a single piece file if you want to print a miniature and a cup up version if you want to print the one on the photo.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Cosplaying Zelda? Use this Master Sword


Zelda Master Sword MyMiniFactory
Zelda Master Sword

A few years ago I got to know Zelda. Until the time that I was able to understand that the boy on the screen was called Link instead of Zelda, I made my friends pissed with me. After that, I just started to say that Link was Zelda just for fun. Now you can print it thanks to Lloyd Roberts.

Well, let me know in the comments below what you think about of this list and which models you will print!

Check out my previous post about 3DPrinting Lamps. Please do. I would love to hear from you!

That’s all folks!

Obs: *All the images displayed here are from the model’s sources on My Mini Factory.

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  1. Tom Baxter says

    This is another cool list Lays. I really like the post processing work that was done on the mask from “The Mask”. Keep the lists coming! 🙂

    1. Tom Baxter says

      I forgot to mention. If you like this kind of stuff, check out this Facebook group for 3D printed Armor.

  2. Justin Flugum says

    I like the masks, but the weapons are really cool.

  3. Juan Solis says

    Those masks looks pretty cool, but I guess you would need a very big printer to do one.

  4. Richard Bynum says

    Those are some really cool masks! I’d love to make them just for the “cool factor”! I’ve never had any friends that got into cosplay so I am out of the loop when it comes to half that stuff. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like seeing it all being made! I want to find some cool masks and other stuff now.

  5. Cory Sinclair says

    Very cool, thinking of doing somethibg like this once I get my MK3!

    1. Tom Baxter says

      I really want to get a Prusa one day. My current printer is not exactly ideal for printing large parts. 120x120x120 🙁

  6. Darren Scrubb says

    Impressive looking masks that truly look cool.

  7. Arief says

    Very nice print!

  8. Tom Baxter says

    Hey Lays, did you ever get a chance to check out the 3D Printed Armor group on Facebook? They really are doing some amazing cosplay stuff over there.

    1. Lays Rodrigues says

      Sadly no, I’m super busy this days :'(

      1. Tom Baxter says

        I get it. You seem pretty busy! Congrats on your Campus Party appearance and on 100 downloads.

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