MixwareDiscloses Launch of Hyper-S Advanced Desktop High-Temperature FDM 3D Printer

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Mixware, an accomplished team of 3D experts aimed at developing unique 3D printers for consumers, recently disclosed the launch of the Hyper-S Advanced Desktop High-Temperature FDM 3D printer.

A high-temperature desktop 3D printer,

The Hyper-S advanced Desktop is designed for detailed printing utilizing high-temp flexible,

and nylon filaments.
This powerful new printing solution is available now on Kickstarter.

3D printing with high-temperature filaments is beneficial for a variety of reasons.
The result of such printing has better chemical and mechanical properties that make them more durable and impact resistant.
These attributes make them preferable for applications requiring higher-quality print models.
Hyper-S is a specifically designed 3D printer for high temperature and flexible nylon filaments.

Reaching a maximum printing temperature of 350℃, providing users with the ability to print more advanced, engineering-grade materials requiring higher temperatures.

Making hinges, gears and other plastic parts with improved wear resistance is now possible.

“Desktop 3D printing has completely taken the maker movement by storm,

it provides anyone with creativity for business, study, hobby and industry.

but until now,

users were limited by non-high temperature filament selection.

Hyper S changes that.

Our latest printer is a desktop 350℃ FDM 3D printer suitable for everyone, compatible with various types of filaments including high temp nylon, nylon glass fibre, nylon carbon fibre, PLA, ABS, and TPY.
Hyper-S is equipped with features that give users a more powerful,

faster and improved printing experience.

Now anyone can set their creativity free with advanced 3D printing,” says Mixware CEO Wilson Cheung.


Hyper-S’s full suite of features makes it suitable for desktop 3D printing, which includes an intelligent auto-levelling system and non-blocking nozzles for improved accuracy and precise 3D printing.
It allows for printing with its 300300400 mm build volume and utilises an intuitive UI design touchscreen for simple XYZ three-axis control.
A power loss recovery system autosaves print jobs in case of blackouts,

and prints can be resumed when power is restored.
With a large build area, intuitive UI, high temp capabilities and simple operation,

Hyper-S Advanced 3D printing provides a faster, more powerful and advanced printing experience.
The mixware Hyper-S is available on Kickstarter.

Source: Newswire, Kickstarter

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