Hyper-S advanced desktop

Mixware has released the Hyper-S Advanced Desktop High-Temperature FDM 3D Printer.

Mixware, an accomplished team of 3D experts aimed at developing unique 3D printers for consumers,

recently disclosed the launch of the Hyper-S Advanced Desktop High-Temperature FDM 3D printer.

A high-temperature desktop 3D printer, The Hyper-S Advanced Desktop is designed for detailed printing utilizing high-temperature flexible and nylon filaments.
This powerful new printing solution is available now on Kickstarter.

3D printing using high-temperature filaments is helpful for a multitude of reasons The printed materials’ chemical and mechanical properties have substantially improved Increasing their sturdiness and impact resistance.
They’re perfect for applications that require higher-quality print models because of these properties.
Hyper-S is a 3D printer designed specifically for high-temperature applications with flexible nylon filaments.

Reaching a maximum printing temperature of 350 °C, provides users with the ability to print more advanced, engineering-grade materials requiring higher temperatures Making hinges, gears, and other plastic parts with improved wear resistance is now possible.

“Desktop 3D printing has completely taken the maker movement by storm; it provides anyone with creativity for business, study, hobby, and industry.

but until now, users were limited by non-high temperature filament selection Hyper S changes that.

Our most recent printer is a desktop 350°C FDM 3D printer that can print with high-temperature nylon glass fibre, nylon carbon fibre, PLA, ABS, and TPY filaments.
Hyper-S includes capabilities that give customers a more powerful and versatile experience, as well as a faster and improved printing experience.

“With modern 3D printing, everyone can unleash their creativity.”

says Mixware CEO Wilson Cheung.

Hyper 3d printer Specifications

hyper from mix wire 3d printer

Hyper-entire S’s feature set, which includes an intelligent auto-levelling system and non-blocking nozzles for increased accuracy and precision 3D printing, makes it ideal for desktop 3D printing.
With a build capacity of 300,300,400 mm,

It can print and has a basic XYZ three-axis control system with a beautiful UI-designed touchscreen.
A power loss recovery system saves print jobs automatically in the event of a power outage. and prints can be resumed when power is restored.
With a large build area, intuitive UI, high-temp capabilities and simple operation,

Hyper-S Advanced 3D printing offers a more powerful, faster, and advanced printing experience.
On Kickstarter, you can get your hands on the Hyper-S mixware.

Source: Newswire, Kickstarter

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