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My Mini Factory Halloween Contest

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I know that it has been a while since Halloween, however that doesn’t hold me to show you this amazing model laying around on the My Mini Factory Contest for Halloween.

Let’s check out the entries that we have for this years design competition?

Scary Spiders designed by Clockspring

Scary Spiders My Mini Factory
Scary Spiders MyMiniFactory

They are sooooooo cute <3.

This amazing scary spiders designed by Clockspring can have their own scary masks, so you can print the spiders and change them to any scary mask that you may want, from a skeleton to a pumpkin face. I would love to print this one and decorate my table at work. I want to print them in every filament color that exists! ~I just feel sad that I don’t have printer yet :'( ~

Pumpkin Candy Basket designed by Arturo Villegas

Pumpkin Candy MyMiniFactory
Pumpkin Candy MyMiniFactory

This pretty Pumpkin is supposed to be a candy basket, but I don’t see much how it can be… However, this model looks good with the proper painting. I would think that some sanding and primer would give a better result. But that doesn’t reduce the cuteness of this model. :3

You know, down here in Brazil we don’t have the US culture of celebrating Halloween, to decorate our houses and go out on Trick or Treat. However, that makes sense since it isn’t in our culture to do so. But well, we have 3DPrinting so we can play around with those models, that can do it, right?

Spooky Witches Cauldron designed by Jason Hamilton

Witches Cauldron MyMiniFactory
Witches Cauldron MyMiniFactory

If you like to play around with leds, this is the de model for you. Jason made this model in two parts: The cauldron and the scary top. The scary top fits on the top of the cauldron, but below it’s empty. He added a bunch of leds and a liquid element that is smoky(More photos on the link of the model), so with the leds effect the smoke looks like you can scare some people with it.

Dancing Skeleton designed by Geoffrey Shorts

Dancing Skeleton MyMiniFactory
Dancing Skeleton MyMiniFactory

Who doesn’t like skeletons? Once I had a skeleton made of paper for college study, every time that I woke up during the night and saw it on my wall my heart stopped. However this skeleton has some skills, it can dance using nylon that connects all parts. At least is what I understand based on the photos. Imagine this model with some purple lights dancing. Damn it’s awesome!

Ghost Door Knocker designed by Brandon Gregory

Ghost Knocker MyMiniFactory
Ghost Knocker MyMiniFactory

Knock knock, who’s there?

This isn’t the first time that I meet this ghost. Joel, from 3DPrinting Nerd, printed a huge one while ago, and be sure when I have my own printer, huge models will be on the line for print.

But back to the Ghost Door Knocker, Brandon did a great job on the design, and I think that my door will have it one of these.

FrankenSpring designed by Nicolas Cornillet

FrankSpring MyMiniFactory
FrankenSpring MyMiniFactory

Frankenstein was the first monster that I got to know when I was a kid on the cartoons that I watched on the TV back on the 90’s. This one designed by Nicolas looks like an awesome model, and his work on the finishing is gorgeous. This model deserves a chance on your printer. =D


The Guillotine designed by Ulrich Raschke

Guillotine MyMiniFactory
Guillotine MyMiniFactory

“Do you want to lose your head today?”

This is a simple model, but I think that you can have quite of fun with it. Try to get the candy and lost your finger. xD

Great work from Ulrich with the details of the printing making it look like wood.

Pumpkin Candy Dish designed by Paul Flamm

Pumpkin Candy MyMiniFactory
Pumpkin Candy MyMiniFactory

This model is one of this list that I liked most. The way that the pumpkin was “carved” by Paul gave an awesome scary look. Paint it with your favorite color of orange and black, add leds purple and blue leds and you have a scary pumpkin ready to trick or treat.

Alien Candle Holder designed by Patrick Cannon

Alien Cand Holder MyMiniFactory
Alien Cand Holder MyMiniFactory

This alien hand that has a spot for a candle can be a partner of the dancing skeleton, giving to you that scary environment. Like others models, this one got my attention with the painting and details that Patrick added to the model. And you can print a lot of this one and paint with any colors that you want.


Trick or Treat? Scary Box designed by Alexandra Brown

Scary Box MyMiniFactory
Scary Box MyMiniFactory

This model is the last one on this list. I loved this model since the first look. Alexandra put a lot of effort on it, getting the Trick or Treat to the next level. It looks like a simple box, but that spider is tricky. When the box is closed, no harm will happen to you, but when you open to get that candy that you are eager to eat, the spider comes out with a trigger to scare you.

Also, the work that she did with the painting of the bats and the castle is gorgeous. I would totally print one of it.

Maybe next year huh?

Well, sorry for the timing of this list, but my life is turning upside down lately… However, let me know in the comments below what you think about this post and which models do you think that should win the MyMiniFactory and BCN3D prices. Get to know all submissions to the contest on this link.

Check out my previous list here.

That’s all folks!

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  1. Pavel Merkel says

    Pumpkin Candy Basket? Put in a player, or a tape recorder, or an acoustic system with light music. New design. There was a competition Sven, in the FB I wrote there in comments such an idea.

  2. mperkins37 says

    no printer yet

  3. Tom Baxter says

    Don’t worry about Halloween posts coming after Halloween. I enjoy skulls, spiders, and the macabre all year long!

  4. mperkins37 says

    love halloween

  5. binabug says

    OK SO THE WITCHES CALDRON IS neat. Hubby built a 3d printer and I have to find something amzing for him to make for me (prob for my garden)

  6. Darren says

    Great looking Halloween ideas for sure.

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