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Lays, 3DPrinting and Campus Party Brazil 11

Hello =D

At Week of 31/01 to 04/02 the 11th edition of Campus Party Brazil took place. Campus Party is the biggest technology event that we have down here in Brazil. Almost 8.000 people get together to watch talks and use the 40gb internet that is provided to us. And also sleep in tents.

For this year I made a partnership with 3DCreator and 3DLab to provide me a 3DPrinter and filament. With that in hand I was able to do more than 30 hours of printing.

Yeah, I’m in the 3DPrinting world since 2015, and until now I was not able to afford a 3DPrinter for myself. So this partnership helped me a lot to improve my technical skills, now I can start to do more posts like this one.

So 3DLab sent me almost 1kg of material, PLA, and PETG…


Lays Meme
Hey, it’s me Lays!

So, after 7 hours by bus to Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, I was able to arrive at Campus Party. When was around lunchtime, Italo arrived with the 3DCreator Duo printer. For you that don’t know 3DCreator work, check on this post.

3DCreator Duo
3DCreator Duo

A review of my use of this printer will be available soon here at 3DPrinterChat. =D

The purpose for me getting in touch with 3DCreator and 3DLab was that I wanted to test the software that we, the Atelier team, is developing. For you that may be out of the loop, Atelier is an open source Printer Host that I and a couple of guys are working since 2016 with KDE Community. And a few days before Campus Party started we made the first release of AtCore, that is the API behind Atelier that does all the management of the printer. So, it was very hard to my work on AtCore since I wasn’t able to do real tests since I only have an Arduino Mega that can simulate a printer.

AtCore first release
AtCore first release

All the prints that I made during Campus Party were using AtCore and its Test Client, I only printed with the SDCard when I was going to do a talk and need my laptop for it. So now I will list you the models that I printed. =D | You can know more the project here.

Just a tip before my list: I wasn’t able to use the PLA and PETG send over me by 3DLab, because the printer wasn’t tested with it, for my luck, Italo brought 3DLab ABS black and orange with him, so I was able to print some things. More about that issue, you will know on my review.

  • Atelier logo using the dual color feature of 3DCreatorDuo

ABS Black and Orange, Bed: 100ºC and Extruder: 235ºC, sliced with Simplify 3D

Atelier Logo
Atelier Logo
  • KDE Keychains

Those KDE Keychains are my design using Inkscape and Blender… Maybe it’s time to do a post about it again…Orange ABS, Bed and Extruder with the same setup, printed I think with 90mm/s as speed.

IMG 20180201 134031
KDE Keychains
  • All hail the Marvin King!

Ok, this one is because I saw in another booth the Marvin Keychain big, and I got jealous and wanted one for me. Printed with Black ABS, 90mm/s, using Cura feature of gradual infill, 0.2mm or 0.15mm layer, I have a time lapse of part of this print(My phone ran out of memory…) and you will find at my review too.

Marvin King
Marvin King
  • Self Aligning Cup/Bottle Holder

You probably remember the post that I wrote a few weeks ago about How can 3DPrinting help with accessibility. So I wouldn’t waste a chance to print a model of that list that could help someone. So I chose the Gyroscopic Cup Holder. It was a model that I used to stress the printer too, I think that most of the parts were printed using 90mm/s as print speed. And the rest, 20% infill and 0.2 layer was the setup on the description of the model.

At the end of the last day of Campus Party, I was able to find a person that was in the wheelchair and donate the model. Selma Rodrigues was very happy to receive, and that made me so happy too!

Selma and Lays with the 3DPrinted Model
Selma and Lays with the 3DPrinted Model

A simple action for me, that probably will change her life. What about we start a movement? Few hours of your printer to change someone’s life!

  • Business Card Holder

I think that this one was a 0.3mm layer and 70mm/s of speed.

Business card holder
Business card holder


After those prints, I printed one more batch of KDE Keychains and loosed a few prints because of problems with the printer. And then I went to enjoy the event, otherwise, I would sleep with the printer… And that happened on the first day, I was scared to leave the printer alone by the night on the tables of Campus Party, so I bought the printer to my tent.

Yeah, Campus Party is an amazing event, the CPBR11 was my 4th edition and the second with 3DPrinters. I hope to keep on that track for the next editions.

2 instances of AtCore on the control of 2 printers

Well, that is it for now. Keep posted on 3DPrinterChat for my first review of a 3DPrinter! And leave on the comments below what you think about this post, Campus Party, and what you would like to know about the 3DCreator Duo!

That’s all folks! =D

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