DEAL: Creality Ender3 on sale for $179/€156.60/£137.52

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DEAL: Creality Ender3 on sale for $179/€156.60/£137.52
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Creality Ender3 on sale for $179/€156.60/£137.52

Buy the Ender3 here:


The Creality ender 3 is a great introductory 3d printer with a build volume of 220,220.250. Using 1.75mm filament. It has a heated bed so you can print PLA and ABS. Creality has had great success with their CR10 line of 3d printers and so the Ender 3 is built with the same build quality as its bigger CR10 brothers. A full review of the Ender 3 is in progress at 3dprinterchat, but for now check out this great review from RCLifeOn.


Many other 3d printers are also on sale in the gearbest summer sale and we will be highlighting the best of them here on 3dprinterchat.


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  1. Justin Flugum says

    I’ve put 200 hours on my Ender 3 and I love it. The printer build sheet did fail at around 180-hours. If I had the money I would buy another at that price.

    1. mindbender9 says

      @Justin – what are your Ender 3 settings (Cura?) for PLA and ABS? I’m still running into terrible stringing issues or prints that are ragged and useless.


      1. Justin Flugum says

        I haven’t used Cura with it yet, just Simplify 3D. The settings I used were pretty generic though, copied from my Prusa clone. I wish I could send you the right info, and ABS from me printed OK but the print cracked a lot so that was my only attempt.

    2. Russell says

      How big is the build area on the Ender 3? I have a CR-10 and I print ABS OK, just box it in to hold the heat, that helps a lot. Otherwise use PETG, much smoother prints. Also got good prints with TPU, stretchy!

  2. Michael Perkins says

    Love a bigger printer

  3. mperkins37 says

    Looks like a great price point for what it is

  4. Carol Oddy says

    Good price for the printer…very reasonable but even at that price I still can’t afford one ! On a very limited income, living on pension because I am handicapped, MS, Arthritis & a number of other medical issues.

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