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3D Printing Beginners – Know anyone who needs to kickstart their 3d printing journey?

3d printing fail
3d printing fail

Beginners to 3D printing often find their enthusiasm flames out when they realize that the rainbows and unicorns they have been sold are imaginary, so I wanted to put some of those mythical creatures to rest, and offer some hope for the fresh-newbies who want to avoid all the unicorn poop, and 3d print with fewer stresses and hassles.

Sound good? Let’s begin! Or go directly to the workshop page -> Click Here and pay what you think is fair. 

Imagine this scenario …

  • What if your prints could come off the printer looking exactly how you imagined, not misshapen, deformed, blobs, or worse … spaghetti …
  • Picture your machine being reliable instead of being one step away from eating your filament or burning down your house
  • What if you could print anything you wanted? Not just doodads and trinkets found on the download sites …?
  • How about not having to spend thousands of dollars to get something that just works?

Sound like a stretch?

I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way until I learned the hard way what it really takes to have fun instead of frustration with this stuff.

The secret is there is no one secret, just a lot of hard-won experience. Sadly most people are like I was, fighting through the frustrations (and the “just google it”) irritations until they get to the other side.

Three Major Solutions to 3D Printing Woes

  1. Goal – Work out what you want to get out of your initial 3d printing then work from there – Are you wanting to learn the ins-and-outs of 3d printing  itself? Maybe you want to make robots, RC, or quad  parts? Are you a model maker? Cosplayer? Do you want to make money? All of those questions can determine the variables, and your success against your goals, before you even begin …
  2. Purchase – Choose well – especially your first printer! Once you have experience with your first printer you might find other opportunities and desires open up, but choosing well is paramount to not stall (or at least delay) your journey.
  3. Practice – Learn your printer, and learn the best software to help with your printing. Not just the software that controls your printer, but the other software that takes your printing to another level, like modifying existing objects to your needs, fixing faults, and designing your own models.

What I just gave you is an overview of my exact journey that I used to go from newbie to being the admin of some of the most popular 3d printing groups and running live 3d printing workshops, but for me it took years so I want to show you how to get there without all that time, cost, aggravation and frankly, wasted filament 😉

The 3D Printing Workshop Online

3d printing workshop

Discover everything you need to know to be successful and have fun with 3D printing.

  • Understand 3d Printing,
  • How 3d Printers Work,
  • Trouble Shooting,
  • Edit downloaded objects,
  • Design your own 3d models
  • Both With Video and Ebook Downloads,
  • Plus the Opportunity to Ask Questions Live.

Get it now before full release and you can choose your own fair price! Enter now don’t loose this opportunity! 


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