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Equispheres has hired Calvin Osborne to handle the commercialization of their metal powder technology.

Equispheres has hired Calvin Osborne as Chief Operating Officer to spearhead the next phase of production at its Ottawa manufacturing facility.

To satisfy expanding market demand,Osborne will use his scientific expertise and business acumen to assist with the scaling and full commercialization of Equispheres’metal powder technology.

“With inflecting market demand coinciding with our business scale-up objectives,we are entering an exciting period of our growth.”

Calvin is the appropriate individual to lead that process as our supply expands to meet global demand,”

said Kevin Nicholds, Chief Executive Officer.

Equispheres is prepared

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“We can tell our prospective partners and future collaborators that we are prepared. Ready to scale up and deliver the material that will propel metal additive manufacturing forward.”

Equispheres will focus on qualifying its high-performance aluminium powders for industrial applications in 2022, engaging with equipment suppliers

and partners in the automotive and aerospace industries.
“Equispheres’ feedstock has the potential to dramatically cut the cost of additive manufacturing,

allowing it to compete economically with established high-volume manufacturing processes,”

said Osborne.

“I’m eager to join Equispheres’ great team and contribute to the company’s goal.”

Osbourne’s Repertoire

Osborne is a seasoned product development and manufacturing executive who has worked with Lean Six Sigma approaches and supported research and development teams.

He was previously Vice President of Engineering for Andronic and Assistant Director of Engineering for Schneider Electric’s solar business.

Osbourne also led the product commercialization process for Kodak Graphic Communication Group Canada as Director of the Kodak Operating System. He is a licensed professional engineer with patents on several medical devices he created.
Equispheres’ aluminium powders are made using a proprietary atomization process

that produces extremely spherical particles with properties that is ideal for additive manufacturing. Equispheres’ high-performance feedstock has been shown in third-party testing to print three times quicker than standard powders and achieve 50% lower part costs,

allowing metal 3D printing to compete economically with traditional manufacturing processes.

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