Not Shiny, but Solid: Proto Pasta Matte Fiber HTPLA

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Not Shiny, but Solid: Proto Pasta Matte Fiber HTPLA
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Proto Pasta is a US filament company known as the pioneers of carbon fiber PLA. I have reviewed other Proto Pasta filaments before  and have enjoyed 3D printing with them all.

PLA is commonly known as a glossy, shiny, plastic that is well suited for 3D printing. As the field of filaments continue to expand,  new filaments come to market to provide more artistic options to 3D printers.

A sample chip with matte white, aromatic coffee, matte red and blue
A sample chip with matte white, aromatic coffee HTPLA, matte red and blue

From the glossy multicolored  filaments to industrial filaments Proto Pasta is developing new lines of filament for the market.

Prototype printed with matte red and blue
Prototype printed with matte red and blue

Matte fiber higher temperature PLA  uses cellulose plant fibers  to produce a PLA blend that has a matte, textured finish.

I printed some prototype fidgets for an upcoming fair with matte finish HTPLA. The filament printed perfectly at 225 C, with a smooth print quality that I have seen with other Proto Pasta  filaments.

Matte fiber does have a rougher surface texture than glossy PLA, which is something to consider when using this filament. I was surprised by the texture, which is about as rough as wood based composite filaments. This texture may limit this filament from some applications that require a smooth surface like moving parts, or lost PLA casting molds.

Matte finish HTPLA has wide artistic appeal for 3D printers that want to add different finishes to their prints. According to Proto Pasta the texture, color and sheen can be altered with your printer settings. I’ll have to play with them more to see what kind of sheen and textures I can get with this filament in the future.

Matte red, blue and white as well as mixed sample chip
Matte red, blue and white as well as mixed sample chip

Like the aromatic coffee HTPLA, this can be heat treated (annealed) to be stronger than standard PLA. Heat treating may also change the visual properties of the print, but I did not test that for this review.

Matte finish HTPLA is part of a growing line of PLA blends from Proto Pasta. This blend is good for artistic and general purpose prints. Matte finish HTPLA can be dual – printed with glossy filaments to provide more color contrast, or printed alone to make your prints stand out from all the other your other shiny prints.

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DISCLAIMER: Proto Pasta provided the samples to 3D-PT at their own expense, with no expectations given for this review.

If you have filament that you would like be reviewed, please contact 3D-PT via email,, or on twitter @3dfidgets.

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