The Palette: One Extruder, Four colors

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The Palette: One Extruder, Four colors
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The Palette: One Extruder, Four colors no stopping to switch filaments in your 3D-Printer!

If you like to read my posts (Lays Rodrigues), you already notice that I don’t make practice posts, like tips or what to do with your 3DPrinter. This is because I don’t have a 3D printer at home. I talk about 3D printers, but I can’t do it in practice :'(
That’s why I watch a lot of videos on Youtube, to bring to you the things that you may not catch working in this 3D printer world.
Since I began in the 3D printer world, I didn’t see a 3D printer with more than one extruder irl, so I always wondered how to print with more colors having one extruder only. The most used way is setting pauses along the Gcode file, to change the filament. But its a hassle. Stopping the printer, removing the fill, putting in new fill. It’s not practical at all!

So I found this project: The Palette
The Palette was on a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and raised $231,804 to produce this machine.
And it’s an amazing idea! The Palette bring you the possibility to print in 4 colors without pausing the 3D printer or make any manual adjustments.

You can see by the image, a print that was made with one color and with The Palette. It’s amazing, the quality that The Palette gets you. The Palette merges the colors inside the machine and send the filament to the printer. It reads the Gcode file to calculate where the changes of the color will happen to make the switch of the filament.

In the description of the campaign on Kickstarter the team of Mosaic Manufacturing, the creator of The Palette says:

“If you can use a 3D printer, you can build high-quality color creations with The Palette.”

“You can skip the upgrade cycle of buying an expensive printer, keep using your favorite slicer, and use whatever filament supplier you want!”


You can buy The Palette to your 3dprinter for only $799 but then its 1.75mm filaments only. For me it appears to be a little expensive, but everything in dollars to me is expensive since $1 here in Brazil is R$4 to me and salarys are way lower.

The Palette is the first and only idea that I have seen on using more than one color printing with a single extruder, and until I discover other ideas, that’s will be my favorite.

The channel Tech Crunch meet one of the co-funders of the project and made an interview that you can watch below.

Have a nice Day and please comment on my post! Means Alot!

-> Kickstarter campaign
-> The Palette Website
-> Images from Kickstarter campaign

So what you think about The Palette? Let me know below in the comments section!

See you! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Palette: One Extruder, Four colors

  1. Amazing tech, but its way overpriced. with 800$ people can purchase 4 “medium quality” printers,
    i hope this gets opensourced one day

    1. I think we should see it as an upcoming line of diffrent filament binders now that people know how to do it.. China will deliver shortly haha..

  2. Wow, this is so cool! Yes, this is pricey but it’s a sign of things to come.

  3. I remember The Palette kickstarter project when it was launched. It is indeed an amazing idea and will definitely be getting one. Glad it got noticed on this website.

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