Expanding your skills and getting more out of your 3d Printer. Part 2

Now we will focus on a few mods and programs that will help you get much more from your printer. This is more for the DiY printer but If you bought a lower quality printer the mods listed can help improve prints. More upgrades No matter how well your printer is printing you can always make it print just a…

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From 3d printers to CNC with Arduino and Raspberry PI

Unlike conventional techniques of production, 3D printing today carries countless benefits at almost every level. The best part is the 3D procedures aids users personalize their products as per their own requirements and preferences. Even inside the similar build chamber, the essence of 3D printing lies in the manufacturing of various products by keeping in consideration the user’s needs and…

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OctoPrint – Your web 3D printer host


If you already work with 3d printing, you have likely already heard about OctoPrint. If you haven’t, I will introduce this tool to you. On the site you can find this introduction about it: OctoPrint differs from existing host solutions in that its major focus is to provide a web interface that allows controlling the printer remotely from anywhere on the network…

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