Design a nerf blaster and win an ultimaker.

Design a nerf blaster and win an ultimaker. 3D Printing Is running a contest until 9/23/2016, with a grand prize of an ultimaker. To enter you must first go to Facebook and join the 3d Printing Group. To win all you need to do is design, print and enter a blaster you make. The rules are in the link. I know I could…

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6 tools everyone with a 3d printer should own.

I like to be prepared. Having the correct tool has always been a priority of mine. As a mechanics kid, Of course, our car was always broke down but hey such is life right. My father owned the shop and I was lucky enough to have a father that insisted I learn how to use tools. This also meant I…

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Year of the Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year! Supports: Yes Resolution: .1 Infill: 15 Notes: Cura support settings: Overhang angle for support: 10 deg Fill amount: 20% Distance X/Y: .4mm Distance Z: .07mm

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