Enter the 4th Dimension: 4D Printing

Self-folding elephant

When I first heard of 4D printing, I thought someone was high and trolling me. How could anyone print in the 4th dimension of time? Despite my trepidation, I found that 4D printing is a very real concept. The idea of 4D is to design items so they can self-assemble (fold) from one shape into another. This is done by…

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toy car

Toy car assembly, for those who like use their minds.   PS: The wheel part must be 4 time printed!

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3D Printing as Advertising

Expanse pieces

A new advertising trend is arising in the world of 3D printing. Companies outside of the 3D printing world have started to create accounts in file sharing sites to directly provide advertising materials to the public. Heineken Beer stared the trend in 3D printable advertising by releasing 3 pieces on their Thingiverse page. The ice bucket, beer coaster, and bottle…

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