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Leveraging lasers in 4D printing

Numerous fields have been greatly impacted by 3D printing, from technological and industrial fields, pharmacology to electronics This method is popular because it can significantly reduce the amount of time required to produce a good while maintaining the product’s quality. The use of 4D printing takes this to the next […]

3D-printed gelatin-based stretchable waveguides

Scientists 3D print sustainable sensor network-integrated soft robotics

Johannes Kepler University Linz scientists have used 3D printing to create soft robotics with integrated sensor networks able to expand six times their original length.The study’s main focus was to address many of the sustainability concerns raised by the development of soft robotics applications, such as the usage of non-biodegradable […]

A 3D printed eco habitat

Growing Trends in 3D printing

Even though numerous businesses have been affected by the pandemic’s effects, 3D printing has seen an increase in use cases and trends in the years since the outbreak.The fact that 3D printing has survived despite supply chain problems indicates the technology’s resiliency.Like most traditional manufacturing, AM is continually evolving in […]

4D printing would be of particular importance to the healthcare sector

How 4D printing gives additive manufacturing a temporal dimension

4D printing is the type of technology that could give new answers in a world where flexibility and adaptability are the watchwords of transformation. This kind of additive manufacturing creates items with “behaviour,” which are adaptive enough to evolve (the fabled fourth dimension), and which could be particularly useful in […]