List of 3D-Printing Youtubers

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3D Printing Youtuber's      
Channel's name SubsViewsPer subDate createdContactStill active
Barnacules Nerdgasm83535289920925107.6443523209420 jul. 2006
The Ben Heck Show5484424168287576.00233935402531 jan. 2011
James Bruton437910120473012275.1090680733523 sept. 2006
Punished Props152095863509456.77434498175523 dec. 2011
Make Anything766858387858109.3806872269716 apr. 2014
Thomas Salanderer562196003043106.7796118749914 jun. 2013
3D Printing Nerd51437351238268.2851254933223 abr. 2015
Makers Muse47260446000094.3715615742729 dec. 2013
ModBot179844895755272.228369661922 aug. 2010
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu15057111676774.16929003121511 may. 2016
Print That Thing14010113017180.66887937187711 may. 2014
CHEP 3D Printing1317789592667.991652121127 mar. 2010
Uncle Jessy129762239403172.5803791615322 nov. 2013
Mold3D TV1166262915553.94915108900717 feb. 2014
Josef Prusa99801663644166.6977955911824 may. 2006
Kirbt Downey993776301876.785548958438 6 agug. 2013
Richard Horne77851291970165.9563262684720 may. 2011
Solid Concepts750675497411005.827471356214 agu.2009
Simone | FNTSMN7256788117108.61590407938 26 oct. 2007
The Hot End705139791856.43426464331316 jun. 2015
Hoffman Engineering62311081823173.6194832290218 may. 2014
3D Central537030950157.63519553072642188
Chaos Core Tech513148338994.2095108166054 aug. 2015
Werner Berry4908494100100.6723716381426 mar. 2013
Daniel Norée4879615495126.151875384322 dic. 2011
3D Print Tech Design471746609198.81089675641315 agu.2010
NeatherBot4614567143122.9178586909425 apr. 2013
3D Printing Professor424131295473.792501768451 5 may. 2011
A Pyro Desing3988617274154.782848545641 sept. 2006
3DPrint.com366938402861046.68465521945 sept.2012
BusyBotz 3D Printing34301616875471.3921282798829 mar. 2012
Dodaddoes3235348235107.6460587326131 may. 2014
Novice Expert259825866299.5619707467283 jul. 2014
Sparkyface523786370426.7888982338123 aug. 2015
JAT.MN223517764679.483668903803 3 may. 2015
Fargo 3D Printing1766290953164.7525481313715 may. 2014
Dream 3D1631281737172.73881054568 20 aug. 2014
Proto30001618413483255.5519159456125 jun. 2012
gCreate3D1456158407108.7960164835215 feb. 2014
That 3D Print Guy140611738783.49004267425316 sept. 2014
Abuzz Designs12267264659.25448613376841729
3D Print Creator10858162975.2341013824887 nov. 2015
XYZAidan8786685876.14806378132111 mar. 2014
Model3D7363558248.34510869565216 mar.2011
3D Maker Noob6663121846.8738738738743 nov. 2016
ZakkBlog50771583141.1893491124320 okt. 2012
3D Noobie4714405693.5371549893846 jan. 2016
Extruder Joe4412573158.3469387755119 sept. 2016
Panoreth 3D Printing4131572538.07506053268817 jan. 2016
ProfDrafting39710226522575.94962216621 oct.2011
Print 3D Channel392905523.09948979591822 jan. 2016
Improper Engineering2242226399.38839285714327 nov. 2016
NeoPortnoy 3d Printing1931154259.8031088082921 feb. 2016
CAPINCtv1915466042861.801047120415 feb. 2011
Juicy Moose Productions146503434.47945205479541763
Another 3d Print Channel118377331.97457627118619 aug. 2016
3D printing Reviews117607351.905982905983 3 may. 2015
Unlikely Creators110278625.32727272727329 jan. 2016
DesertExperimenter's 669072137.4545454545515 jun. 2015
3d Printed Aspie564598.19642857142862 dec. 2016
Andrew Bolton254446177.8424 okt. 2006

8 thoughts on “List of 3D-Printing Youtubers

  1. You’ve missed-
    Abuzz Design
    3d Maker Noob
    3d Print Creator
    Improper Engineering
    NeoPortnoy 3d Printing
    Andrew Bolton
    Another 3d Print Channel
    3d Printed Aspie
    3d Central
    Juicy Moose Productions
    Uncle Jessy
    Unlikely Creators

    I’m sure there are more but here’s a start. 🙂

    1. haha I double checked everyone’s spelling and left the s off my own, bahaha Abuzz Designs 😛

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