How To Turn A 3D Print Into Realistic Stone

Turn a 3D Print Into A Realistic Stone Statue.

So for my first post on this page I want to do a write up on a technique that I used to finish a 3D print, I was really pleased with the result and I want to share the technique with you guys.

3D Printing a Stone Statue

I have a huge passion for finding nice finishes and taking 3D prints further than just removing from the bed and placing on a shelf.
For this piece I decided I wanted to make something look like stone, but not painted grey crap looking stone… Real looking!
A quick search on the Internet brought up a spray paint with a heavy texture that is used to give lamps and household items a more homely look, I picked up a can of the Plastikote Manhatten Mist and chose a file to print.
After a few minutes of browsing it hit me, a realistic looking Easter island head! I printer the head in Voltivo Excelfil PLA on my Wanhao duplicator I3 not being too worried about settings as the paint would fill any layer lines anyway.

3D Printed Stone Statue

The process for the painting was really simple and required a light sanding with a heavy grit paper (200) just to rough up the surface and give the Plastic a bit of tooth for the paint to stick to, then it was time to spray, I found the best technique for this particular paint is to take a big step back and really give the the paint time to atomise in the air which results in a more even and better speckled looking coat.

3D Printed Stone Statue Side View

The drying time is about 2 hours to touch dry as its such a thick coat and then around 4 hours to properly cure but once set it doesn’t require and sealer or top coat and is a very strong finish.

Stone Statue Closeup 3D Printed

You can view the video made on this here:


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