Extruder clogged at mid-print? Learn how to save it!

Unfortunately this issue happens more than we could expect, especially with a low quality extruder / filament and also on some special filaments as wood and metallic. So we will approach from two fronts, how to prevent it to happen, and how to save a print if it happens. How to prevent clogging in 3d printers! The first tip is,…

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Ultimaker 2 / 2+ One Modification That Addresses Several Issues!

Olsson Nozzle vs Kamo Nozzle

Ultimaker 2 / 2+ One Modification That Addresses Several Issues! How:   If you have a Olsson Block already on your Ultimaker 2 or 2+ all you need is a new nozzle! I stumbled on this modification for the Ultimaker 2 / 2+ by chance that proved to reduce many issues! This modification will require that your printer is using…

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3d printer Extruders

Dual extruder

3d-printer Extruders In my experience as a maker, one of the main concerns I have as a 3D printer is getting the ideal resolution for every piece I print. Extruders are an important part of this topic. They provide the necessary settings for each print, which is why we must use the right extruder for our purpose. Imagine you are…

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