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The world’s largest 3D printer has been purchased by the Turkish Aerospace Industry.

Sciaky, Inc., an American manufacturer of metal 3D printing systems, has sold the world’s largest metal electron beam 3D printer to Turkish Aerospace Industries.The 3D printing technique from Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) is a 3D printing process used by the Sciaky EBAM industrial 3D printers. The electron beam (EB) […]

Stargate 3D Metal Printer

Relativity Sрасе Developing New Technologies Fоr Sрасе Exploration Uѕing ‘Stаrgаtе’ 3D Metal Printer

Fоr a while nоw, 3D рrinting has had аn imрасt on аеrоѕрасе applications аnd tесh. Frоm waste ѕоlutiоnѕ to new materials, 3D printing has bееn a роwеrful ally. Naturally, companies аrе lооking tо dеvеlор their оwn printers tо аid in thе creation оf thеir own technologies. That’s where Rеlаtivitу Sрасе […]

Owl Family

Print Metals using a conventional 3D printer.

The Virtual Foundry Company has developed a hybrid filament between metal and thermoplastic materials in order to make Metal prints more accessible to the community; Filamet ™, the 3D printing filament allows you create high-quality metal objects from any conventional desktop printer. Metal prints 3D printing Filament Metal prints requires […]