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Xometry and Google Transforming Manufacturing with AI

Introduction: the spotlight now shifts to Xometry’s strategic partnership with Google Cloud In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, from handling intricate tasks to influencing the state of AI adoption in additive manufacturing. Recently, Xometry, a key player in the industry, announced […]

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Bambu Lab Cloud Service Outages and Their Unexpected Consequences

Introduction:In a recent turn of events, Bambu Lab’s cloud services encountered a hiccup that caused a unique and surprising outcome for users of their 3D printers. This article delves into the incidents, explores the causes, and examines the aftermath of these outages, shedding light on the implications for 3D printing […]

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When 3D Printing and IoT Merge: Smart Customisation in Printing

The 3D printing industry is expected to grow to around 21 billion USD by 2020 and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) market is forecasted to reach 151 billion USD by the same time frame, according to reports of Forbes and Marketsandmarkets. Giants like GE and Cisco show a more optimistic […]