3D Printing Q and A For dummies

Common Questions from The 3d Printing Community

Two Days ago Håkan asked what the most Common questions were regarding peoples 3D Printers In The 3D Printing Group on FB. Here is some of The Questions and their Answers. Lets build this list together. Add on Questions in the commentary section and we will update this list biweekly.

These Are The Dumb Questions People Get In The 3D Printing Community

Can you print a Gun?

Yes, You can But you need more then just the plastics. you need springs and many other things to be able to use it.

I have a picture of a toy i had as a kid. Can you print it in 3D?

Yes, But I need to make a new model first in Cad 2D to 3D is not done fast.  See Here

Is the plastic foodsafe?

Well, both Yes and No Depends on what you mean and which plastic i would be using. If you meant can it hold liquids then in most cases no, because you need to do some post layer building on it to hold the liquids in. If you meant toxicity then it depends on the plastics you use, The filament rolls usually state if it is foodsafe or not. So Yes you can get foodsafe parts done. PLA Plastic (Filament rolls for your printer) is infact made by foodstarch.

Can you print in multiple colors on your 3D Printer?

Yes, If you have multiple nozzles on it. Normally you can print 2-4 colors at max on multi machines, but there is machines that prints in all the rainbows colors Like the one from Mimaki

Can I get a printer for under 300 USD?

Yes, you can, but remember that you need to fiddle with it more to always get nice prints. Look at this link for 3D Printers for 300 Usd

Will you print me this lucrative, endlessly time consuming, batch job for free with your own filament for my band?

Yes but while its printing could you help me for free building in my house?

How does a 3D Printer Work?

Well, there are different types of 3D Printers. FDM and SLA is two of the most common types of 3D printers. See this link to know more 

Can you print in Metal?

Yes, There are many companies that build metal printing 3d printers. One of them Is HP but Metal 3D Printers is nothing people normally have at home seeing as the cost would be that of a new car and up.

Can you print in multiple colors at once?

Yes, If you have multiple nozzles on it. Normally you can print 2-4 colors at max on multi machines, but there is machines that prints in all the rainbows colors Like the one from Mimaki

How long does a 3D Print take?

Depends completely on infill and the capabilities of your 3d printer.

Normal speed for a 3d printer is 50mm/sec layng down a line and that line can vary from 0.05-1.00 normally meaning that a 0.05 would then take 20 times longer to get a layer.

Can you make money on that thing?

in 2016 3D Printing units (up to 5000usd/pc)surpassed 5.1 Billion USD and many of us are making our money on 3D hubs and by selling to companies that wants prototypes done or actual products.

Having fun with your 3D Printer?

Yes, and you come second….

Can you 3D Print a Dildo?

Yes, Is it for you or your wife? Political 3D Printing (NSFW)

Can I get A 3D Printer for under 300USD

I understand that you are being sarcastic seeing as there is no question mark…. But Yes, you can, remember that you need to fiddle with it more to always get nice prints. Look at this link for 3D Printers for 300 Usd

Can it print food?

There is Printers that can 3D Print food See Here 

Where do you get things to 3D Print?

We get it from Thingiverse or other places that collectes STL´s, See Here

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    Why cant you print with a copperwire?

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    HAHA! I love those questions! One, in particular, was hilarious but I didn’t click on it. Just my luck someone would come along and check out my browser history and start to wonder why I’m looking that question up! lmao 😉 But, I’m thinking I’m about to break down and check out what kind of funny answer is there. And who knows, I could start a very lucrative business in my crazy neighborhood!

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      I think you’d be ok to click on the link Rich. I did! 🙂 There were two 3D printed items in the link that I certainly wouldn’t print, but it was definitely a good laugh.

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    Great post 🙂

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    Hello Printer Chat friends. As we promised, we bring you the questions we collected from our own research about this subject. We also bring our own answers to them. We hope you enjoy them. We will publish our post in Spanish with our questions and yours in Spanish language very soon in our webpage, stay tuned!!

    +And what is 3D printing useful for?
    -Teaching, engineering, medicine, toys, DIY, cooking, fashion, writing great posts in my blog…
    +Did you print something useful of only junk?
    -I did. I printed a thread for a drum, a piece for a broken lamp, a support for a go-pro, some boxes, an ashtray,
    +Can you print pancakes? I saw in “El Hormiguero”….
    -The printer in the video is the same as I have with an adapter, so if I bought or built the adapter, I could print pancakes
    +Can you print dishes, glasses or cups?
    -I can, but is a bit difficult to made a waterproof container with PLA, first time I printed a glass, the water poured from every single wall.
    +Is it bad for my health?
    -If you print certain materials in a closed room it could be. You need to have a properly ventilated place for 3D printing. And it for sure will be bad for your finger´s health to touch the nozzle when its hot.
    +Can it have a smoother finish?
    -It depends of the printer you use, the material, the technology (FDM, SLA…) mainly. You also cam use some methods for improving the finish after printing, like sanding or using acetone juice.
    +Can you post-process it?
    -Yes you can sand or paint it after printing. But it also depends on the material
    +Is the material expensive?
    -Not much, I consider it cheap. Near 20€/ 1kg
    +Which are your printing settings?
    -It depends on the print, I use to make 5% infill models, but I change the height of the layer depending on the model. I also use to put a 5cm brim in all my prints.

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    Hi again, we forgot some questions
    +How many time does this take? Can you mentally calculate how many time will this print take?
    -NO, i can invent how many time will it take, but better wait until I ask to Repetier Host
    +Aren´t fragile the 3D printed pieces?
    -It depends on the internal structure, but you can do very solid pieces with the right settings.
    +Which size can you print? Which is your best resolution?
    -Our print area is 215x210x180, our best resolution is 0.2mm

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    Can some printer beds crack if they get too hot? What are all the materials beds are made from? I think some are made of glass right?

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    Can they crack if it gets too hot? Does it happen often if they do crack?

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    In addition to TinkerCad, what are some good websites or applications for learning 3D modeling?

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    I like the one with the band. Can you build my house for free, that’s a good one.

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    Does anyone on here have any experience with the “Alunar” 3D printers? I built one for Christmas and for some reason it does not seem to work properly. If anyone has any advise on the subject I would love some feedback

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    What do I need to know about 3D printing before starting or buying a 3D printer? This question I hear a lot when talking about 3D printing with friends.

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      “What do I need to know about 3D printing before starting or buying a 3D printer?”

      You know people ask that question a lot how ever I personally find that 3d printing is a learn as you go (or rather run in to issues) type of thing. My personal answer is for a first 3d printer (buying wise) is don’t go too cheap how ever don’t go to expensive either (assuming personal printer not company). If your looking at printers for a company go with something that has a good reputation with strong company / user support. If your looking for yourself look for something with at least a strong user community behind it.

      Personal (non company): I’d go with something like a Wanhao (low price), CR-10(low price), Prusa(mid range)

      Professional: I’d spend out the money for something like the Ultimaker(high end)

      Why I’ve chosen this is simple you don’t know how well the bug will hit you so if you don’t like it your not in too deep out of pocket with the cheaper printers (but don’t go too cheap). If you like it you can always sell your original printer and upgrade to the Ultimaker or other higher end products. Nothing in 3d printing is perfect no matter what you will have to stop scratch your head then figure it out (even with high end printers).

      At work we have a $6000 3d printer that prints no better then my Wanhao that costs $300 (well ok with the mods that make it better more like $400, in my case a thicker y-carriage and z-brace mod, I have other mods but those 2 I’d say are the best 2) so time, learning, tinkering you can make a fairly cheap printer go far.

      Remember we all have our opinions and thoughts this post is mine from my own limited experience of usage. Take it with a grain of salt.

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    Great post, a few of dumb questions people ask.

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