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Win A Reviewed Resin 3D Printer by Wanhao

Win A Reviewed Resin 3D Printer by Wanhao

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EDIT 2018-07-06: We still have the machine because the winner/s did not respond to us. We therefor decided to extend the giveaway two weeks. 

If you want really good details then Wanhao D7 is for you. Wanhao have really outdone themselfs on this Resin 3D Printer. Not only does it work flawlessly as is, but it can also print beautiful pieces. Just see this Review here 

Unfortunately it’s also without its original box.

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Disclaimer: And Don’t forget to Do what’s requested on the entries or they will be deleted when draw is complete.


  • Congratulations  Rozh Akrem  You won the Endurance laser giveaway! 2018-02-16
  • Congratulations Toby Jeffries! You won the BIQU 3D Printer in our BIQU Giveaway! And a special thanks again to Tom Baxter who has been very active on the site still.  2018-01-16
  • And a Big hand for Richard B and Tom Baxter For being very active on the site (40 relevant comments in posts during November and sharing our posts on social media and Forums when they were relevant and contributed to the discussion) They will get an Amazon Gift Card Each for 50USD  2017-12-01
  • ..And To RICHARD BYNUM Who gets a Tronxy 3D Printer and has been manually selected because he has been entering and doing daily entries almost every day. He have also been interacting on the site and writing comments that are not only  positive but engaging as well. This second prize was a last minute add on to show our appreciation! 2017-11-01
  • Congrats!!! To Steve W Danber for Winning the Anet A8 3D Printer in our Giveaway!! BIG GRATS!! 2017-09-01


  1. I”m a little surprised by this announcement given Bosch”s foray into 3D printers via its Dremel brand. Our facility has both prosumer and commercial-grade 3D printers, and I”ve largely been unimpressed by what people are printing. Most people seem to be using it to extricate themselves from the corners into which they”ve designed themselves. The best prints I”ve come across serve in supporting or intermediary roles, as some have already memtiomed, such as jigs, fixtures, moulds, wax positives for investment casting. When it comes to designing consumer products, it can be quite useful to print multiple versions for evaluating ergonomics with a physical model. In terms of printing end-use products, one of the most compelling applications is biomedical implants where there”s a real value proposition for anatomically customised implants. The other market would be time-critical parts such as replacement parts for oilfield services and mining operations where downtime can cost operators millions of dollars. The future certainly holds a lot of potential for additive, and it will be exciting to watch as it evolves. However, I think it has been over-hyped in media coverage. Right now, I can do a lot more and do it more quickly with a laser cutter and a desktop CNC than I could with a 3D printer.

  2. Oh! Me Me Me! Pick Me! I will love her and care for her! I will name her “Eos” after the goddess of the dawn who brings the hope of a brand new day. She will hold a special honored place in my mad lab and assist in the creation of tremendously awesome items of splendor and grace! If chosen for the honor of her as a gift I promise I will endeavor to create items of such magnificence and splendor so as to make grown men weep openly before their very own mothers! And at night, before I go to bed, I will sing to her a soothing lullaby praising her for her good works and encouraging her for the creations she will bring forth on the dawn of each new day.