You can now 3Dprint your wordle score

Your Wordle score can now be 3D printed 

Josh Wardle created Wordle, a web-based word game.

Players get six chances to guess a five-letter word, with coloured tiles indicating when letters match or occupy the correct location providing feedback for each guess.
Wordle quickly became a global sensation, with millions playing the game and competing against each other on social media platforms,

creating a strong community of like-minded people enjoying the game,

3d print your wordle score
To show off your Wordle skills, you can construct your day’s score and slap it on a lanyard.  source:kriswillcode

But hey, what’s more fun than playing Wordle?
Brag about your vocabulary skills in real life too.
3Dprinting allows for players to wear their scores around their neck like a medal of honour.
If there’s one thing 3D printers are good for, it’s creating ridiculous items that mirror current trends.
A user of Prusa Printers, a 3D model repository, has used a 3D printer to bring the social side of the game into the physical world. You may slip your score on a lanyard and wear it for everyone to see if you download kriswillcode’s model and print the required bits.

The Wordle Blitz

If you’ve been avoiding social media for the past few months, posting your daily Wordle score on Twitter or Facebook has become a social event ( can’t go a day without seeing a wordle post, even on WhatsApp).
You may print this in any material you have on hand, though yellow, green, and black filament would be best if you want it to be exact. Only one of each of the two main sections—the front and rear—will print flat on the build plate. However, if you want to appropriately depict your Wordle score, you’ll need to print a collection of the cubes.

Printing Your Scores

Even if you have a poor day and don’t get the word until the last guess, the designer recommends 15 cubes of each hue. After you’ve put the cubes in (in reverse order from the back), slip the backplate into place to keep it secure. After you’ve finished putting it together, attach it to your lanyard and you’re ready to go.
Vicky Somma, a Twitter user and software engineer, has built a brilliant piece of code that exports her Wordle score to an STL file, which could be a viable alternative to the multipart model shortly. The file type you’ll need to 3D print something is an STL, which makes it simple to get it on your 3D printer rapidly. This second model allows you to pause the print and alter the colour, allowing you to print the various cubes required to display your score. Vicky is working on making the code public, but she hasn’t done it yet.

With the New York Times acquiring Wordle, you can expect the game to say for a long while,
In a couple of years from now, wouldn’t it be nice for future generations to look back on game nights with friends and see how it worked back then?
plus you get to show off your amazing vocabulary.

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