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With £250,000 in expansion funds, EVO 3D enters the Evolution sales and marketing arena.

EVO 3D, formerly J-Supplied 3D, a UK-based 3D printing service provider, has joined Evolution Sales & Marketing to expand its additive manufacturing offering.

The company has also obtained a capital investment of £250,000, which it will utilize to grow into additional locations in Exeter and Huddersfield, allowing it to better serve the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and prototype markets.

“The evolution of J-Supplied into EVO 3D means we can focus on innovative additive manufacturing projects like our partnership with Plymouth University and OREC,
as well as expanding further into high-value industries like aerospace and automotive, “

Martin Jewell, who founded J-Supplied 3D in 2018,

EVO 3D’s Services


EVO 3D is based in Exeter and provides end-to-end additive manufacturing services. such as 3D printing and design, 3D scanning, 3D printer sales, and technical support.

Customers include the University of Cambridge and the sportswear giant Adidas, who use the company’s services for a range of purposes in industry, research, marketing, and hobbies. End-of-life automobile parts, consumer goods, and medical devices, including prostheses and implants, are examples of such components.
EVO 3D launched earlier this month, along with the news that it had obtained a £250,000 capital injection to expand its operations.

Expansion plans for EVO 3D

EVO 3D will establish new locations in Exeter and Huddersfield in January with a £250,000 investment.

Sales and marketing activities for the company will be relocated to Huddersfield and coordinated with Evolution Sales and Marketing.

Evolution Sales and Marketing, which provides a complete package of sales and marketing services throughout the UK and Europe for worldwide businesses including Cougar Gaming and Patriot Memory, will assist the department by sharing space, resources, and experiences.
Meanwhile, the company’s expanded warehouse and logistics activities will relocate to a 4,000-square-foot unit in Exeter’s SkyPark technology complex. resulting in the creation of four additional positions.

The £210 million SkyPark initiative aims to become the South West’s most significant business park and produce up to 6,500 new jobs over the next two decades.

EVO 3D will also establish a new special projects team in Exeter,

led by Jewell, to explore new 3D printing technologies and applications for a variety of industries, including construction and renewable energy.
The company’s growth will allow it to better fulfil the growing demand for 3D printing services and products across a variety of industries,

including aerospace, automotive, industrial, and prototyping.

Source: EVO3D

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