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Toxic AM waste is recycled by Globe Metal.

To reduce the negative financial and environmental effects of hazardous waste by the AM industry,

Globe Metal,

a Canadian company that has been servicing traditional industrial manufacturing accounts for more than 40 years, has introduced a waste recycling service.

Due to the relatively recent transition away from traditional metal manufacturing techniques like machining and progressive stamping toward high-speed laser cutting and additive manufacturing, Globe Metal has decided to start working with an increasing number of these businesses.
Commonly used materials like titanium and titanium alloys,

aluminium alloys,

cobalt-based alloys, tool steels,

nickel-based alloys, stainless steels, copper alloys, and alloys made of precious metals like gold, platinum,

palladium and silver are some of the wastes that Globe Metal is presently recycling.

Globe Metal claims that several industries see metal powders as waste materials, and the company wants to change that perception.

Because they are regarded as hazardous, difficult to handle, and expensive to transport, metal powders are frequently bound for landfills.

Sludges are a good example of this due to their high water content.
But according to Globe Metal, just because metal powders are deemed dangerous doesn’t mean they aren’t recyclable.

Given this,

there is a tremendous chance to profit from the numerous businesses

that produce secondary metals and metal by-products that are categorized as hazardous wastes and are paying exorbitant disposal costs when they are dumped in conventional landfills.

Globe Metal offers significantly more affordable hazardous metal waste recycling and disposal options as part of what the company refers to as

“a one-stop metal recycling solution”

to offset these disposal costs.

By handling mixed materials according to all necessary permits and providing documentation and proof of recycling and destruction as part of this solution,

the company helps businesses avoid exorbitant fines and investigations.

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