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This December, try out some fun 3D print projects.

Like any aspiring 3D print enthusiast, you are enthralled by the possibilities of 3D printing.
Unfortunately, the space is cluttered with trinkets and ornaments. We are in danger of drowning in unwelcome 3D-printed objects.
that’s why you are on this page, aren’t you? Why drown in mediocrity when we can inspire you with unique ideas for your next project?

Earbud Case

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, organizing earbud cords is a pain. They get tangled all the time and eventually cause the dreaded earphone crackle, rendering your prized music-makers useless. This is an excellent example of what you can create with a 3D printer to improve your daily life.

Daily goal tracker

Developing good habits can be difficult, especially if you don’t track your progress. Whether you want to do 20 push-ups per day, finish your CAD course, or learn an instrument, this 3D-printed goal tracker will motivate you to get things done (and maybe even get a treat when you finish the week).
source: Mr snow on Thingiverse

Ultimate filament clip clamp

This small clip clamp holds your filament spool in place. No longer will you stay searching for all those annoying e loose strands, filament tangles, or Gordian knots. The print requires only one meter of filament and can be completed in 20 minutes.
Source : Henrique Fontana , Thingiverse

Squeeze Drill

This mechanical drill is activated by squeezing the trigger. It is perfect for light drilling, stronger than you think, and, of course, requires no electricity. All you need is a drill bit, a spring, some screws, and your trusty 3D printer for this lovely addition to your workshop.
Source: Frank Soul, Printables.

Rugged Bus

There can never be too many sealable boxes. They are essential when travelling, fishing, riding a tour bus, filming with your GoPro, or simply storing your tools in your garage. Based on Yanev’s original design, this model includes parameters for parameterizing the box in Fusion 360 if you want to customize it. Aside from the prints, you’ll only need a few extra screws.
source: Whity, Printables

Safe Box

This safe employs a three-digit combination to keep your valuables safe. Of course, it isn’t as secure as its steel counterpart (you can melt or crush plastic, right? ), but it’s still a fun project.

Though the instructions are excellent, DIY beginners may be overwhelmed by the assembly.
Anyone who has previously managed more complex projects,
on the other hand, should build this safe; it will teach you a lot about how a combination safe works.
source: Hugo, printables

Rainwater collector

This is one of many cool ideas for making our world a little more sustainable. You can easily begin collecting rainwater with this small print.

The print is inserted into your drainpipe. The small mechanical filter prevents leaves and dirt from getting into the drain. The print is also compatible with standard garden hose adapters, so no new garden hose is required.
Source : Va Alf, Thingiverse

Medium Format Camera

Medium-format cameras are prohibitively expensive, but they produce stunning images. So, instead of spending $6,000 or more on a mid-format camera, why not print one? All you need is a Mamiya Press lens, which starts at $150 on eBay.

The printing and assembly processes are well documented. Just make sure to get the PDF that comes with the files. Have fun taking photographs!
Source: Javier hernandez,Printables

Watch Stand

Mechanical watches are simply too beautiful to be hidden away in drawers. So why not print a nice stand and display them? This particular design is reminiscent of a chess knight’s silhouette. very sophisticated
Source: Hubert Fischer, Thingiverse

Cable holder

Stop the tyranny of cords from taking over your desk and entertainment centre by 3D printing some cable management devices. You’ll have less desk clutter and less cord-related stress.

These are the random 3D-printed objects that make life a little easier!

With so many ideas out there just waiting for you, It should be simple to begin your next exciting project. What would you choose to work on?
let us know.

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