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The world’s tiniest 3d printer

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3D printing is developing by the minute and innovations in the sector are not about to stop,

whether in terms of speed, materials or size:

machine manufacturers are always looking for more volume the other hand,

are looking for something even smaller.

And this video from the YouTuber “My N Mi” serves as the ideal illustration.

He claims to have created the world’s smallest 3D printer.

The mini solution, which is smaller than a matchbox and only weighs 17 grams,

has dimensions of 1.8 x 3 x 4 cm.
The creator shows how it functions in the YouTube video where he introduces it by printing a miniature mannequin.

Even so, the outcome is impressive, both in terms of the implementation of the process and the quality of the details of the parts and the creation of the machine itself.

Due to the small size of the device, it can only make parts that have a volume of 11 x 11 x 17 mm.

The world’s smallest 3d printer

The mini 3D printer uses photopolymerization to make tiny, complex objects because it has a small motor that moves the printing plate and an LCD screen that polymerizes the resin. Moreover, the resin tank is so small that the material must be added with a syringe, drop by drop.

The printer can be used to create tiny parts for electronic devices and other applications, according to the creator. It is made for 3D micro-printing.
The demonstration video has generated some buzz and interest within the 3D printing community, despite the author not having made any plans or schematics for the printer public.

Some have suggested that the printer might be useful for scientists and engineers working on projects that call for tiny parts. It cannot, of course, print medium or large series.
Although it is not yet commercially available,

it was created using a combination of printed parts and commercial components.

The inventor may eventually make it available for purchase or release the instructions for creating it at home.
Despite our doubts about its viability,

the inventiveness of the process made it worth mentioning.

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