Rocket 1: The World's Fastest Top-Down resin 3D Printer

The world’s fastest Resin 3D printer

3D printing complex designs can take quite a while on both a resin and a filament 3D printer,

However, Hitry has produced the Rocket 1, dubbed the world’s fastest top-down resin 3D printer.

  Launched via Kickstarter, the project is now entering its final week and funding has reached $800,000 thanks to over 1,000 backers with just eight days remaining. 

The Rocket 1 3D printer boasts a print speed of 380mm/h and an axis resolution of 35μm XY and 1μm in the Z-axis, providing high-resolution printing at an affordable price.

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The world’s fastest top-down resin 3D printer

The world’s fastest top-down resin 3D printer

Specially priced early bird pledges are now available for the cutting-edge project,

starting at roughly $699 or £510 (this is dependent on current exchange rates),

offering an ample discount of approximately 42% off the final retail price.

“With its precise speed and high-resolution digital continuous liquid forming (DCLF ) technology,

the HITRY Rocket 1 heralds a new era of 3D printing,

bringing user-friendly, powerful, and quality printing options for industry, education, and hobbyists.

 Rocket 1 does not only boast impressive speed, but it also prints with outstanding precision.

With 0.035mm XY resolution and 0.001mm Z-axis resolution,

Rocket 1 prints every pixel quickly and accurately, and the surface finish is exceptionally smooth and perfect. ”

Should the Rocket 1 campaign successfully raise its required pledge goal and production progress smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to start around May 2022. 


You can find out more about this project on Kickstarter.

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