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Aurora Labs Unveils Game-Changing AL250 Metal 3D Printer at Formnext 2023"

Unveiling Aurora Labs’ AL250

Australian innovator Aurora Labs steals the spotlight with its groundbreaking AL250 metal 3D printer launch at Formnext 2023. Buckle up for a ride through the realms of aerospace, defence, oil and gas, engineering, and bespoke production runs as we explore the incredible features of this cutting-edge technology. The AL250 Say […]

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Stratasys-Desktop Metal Merger Fallout

Introduction: In a plot twist that left the additive manufacturing world stunned, Stratasys has called off its highly anticipated merger with Desktop Metal, despite Desktop Metal‘s green light from shareholders. What led to this unexpected turn of events, and what does it mean for the future of these industry titans? […]

Meltio’s M450 small-footprint industrial metal 3D printer

Meltio Enhances the Usability of LMD 3D Printing

Meltio, a metal 3D printer OEM, introduced two new products at the Formnext trade show: the Meltio Horizon software and a Laser Calibration System. While the former includes pre-programmed print and material profiles to assist users in getting their Meltio systems The company claims that its latest additions make its […]