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Stratasys-Desktop Metal Merger Fallout


In a plot twist that left the additive manufacturing world stunned, Stratasys has called off its highly anticipated merger with Desktop Metal, despite Desktop Metal‘s green light from shareholders. What led to this unexpected turn of events, and what does it mean for the future of these industry titans? Join us as we delve into the aftermath and explore the financial landscapes of both companies, along with an exclusive interview with Desktop Metal CEO, Ric Fulop.

Stratasys Searches for a New Path

Exploring the Fallout, Financial Health, and Future Directions of Two Industry Leaders stratasys and desktop metal

In the wake of the terminated merger, Stratasys is wasting no time in seeking new strategic options. The company’s Board of Directors is set to embark on a comprehensive review aimed at maximizing shareholder value. Could this mean a fresh merger, a different business venture, or even a potential sale? Dov Ofer, Chairman of Stratasys’ Board, expressed their commitment to delivering value to customers while ensuring the best outcome for shareholders.

Desktop Metal’s Strong Stand

Desktop Metal, despite facing a major setback, remains resolute in its trajectory. CEO Ric Fulop emphasized the support they garnered from their shareholders and hinted at exciting developments on the horizon. The company’s innovations in automotive giga casting with industry giants like Toyota and Tesla, as well as collaborations with BMW, are set to make waves in the industry.

Financial Landscapes

While Desktop Metal is optimistic about its financial future, it’s not without its challenges. Operating and Free Cash flows have consistently been in the red, and Net Income losses are on the rise. Stratasys, too, faces financial hurdles, with negative Operating Cash Flows and a lack of current profitability. These financial nuances raise important questions about their respective business models and operational efficiencies.

Future Possibilities

With the merger off the table, the future for both companies takes intriguing turns. Desktop Metal stands firm, pushing forward with its technological prowess, and emphasizing a commitment to innovation. Meanwhile, Stratasys is left exploring potential strategic alternatives, including the possibility of a new merger or a sale. The involvement of major investors, Nano Dimension and 3D Systems, may influence the company’s next move.

A missed opportunity?

Desktop Metal’s Ric Fulop believes the failed merger could have been a game-changer for the industry, potentially posing a threat to competitors like 3D Systems. He envisions this moment as one that may be regretted in the future, a lost chance to reshape the 3D printing landscape.


As Stratasys and Desktop Metal chart separate courses, the additive manufacturing industry witnesses a pivotal moment. The terminated merger not only highlights differing opinions among shareholders but also sets the stage for two distinct, yet impactful, trajectories. While Desktop Metal forges ahead with determination, Stratasys is left in search of new strategic directions. This divergence marks a crucial chapter in the ongoing 3D printing narrative, one that demands close attention from industry observers and enthusiasts alike. What are your thoughts on this development? Share your insights in the comments below!

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