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Redwire 3D Prints for the GOTG and the ESA

Imagine a company that is revolutionizing the space industry and pushing the boundaries of space exploration. That company is Redwire Space, and it’s making incredible strides in reshaping the future of space technology.

Recently, Redwire’s subsidiary, Redwire Space NV, secured a contract worth €14 million from the European Space Agency (ESA). The contract is for the development of a state-of-the-art 3D bioprinting facility that will be used in long-duration space missions.

This facility will be capable of printing biological materials in space, allowing for important experiments and research.

Not only that, though.

Additionally, Redwire has partnered with Microsoft,

Marvel Studios, and the ISS National Lab to empower students through a STEM challenge.
They are working together to create educational resources and an engaging video to inspire students to learn about space-based research and technology.

In addition to these exciting partnerships,

Redwire announced some impressive financial results for the first quarter of 2023.

Their revenues have soared by 75.3% compared to the previous year,

reaching a record high of $57.6 million.

They have also significantly reduced their net loss and achieved positive adjusted EBITDA, showing strong financial growth.

Redwire leveraging 3d printing with GOTG

One of Redwire’s notable achievements is its expertise in 3D printing in space.

They have manufactured over 200 parts on the ISS, making them the leading provider of commercial 3D printing services in space.

As part of their commitment to this technology, Redwire even 3D printed a Zune, Microsoft’s iconic handheld MP3 player, on the ISS.

Although it’s not a functional music player, it serves as an educational tool to showcase the potential of 3D printing in space.

Redwire’s CEO, Peter Cannito, sees these accomplishments as significant milestones.

He believes that by developing advanced bioprinting systems and working on other innovative projects, Redwire is solidifying its position as a leader in in-space manufacturing and bioprinting for exploration purposes.


In summary,

Redwire Space is transforming the space industry through groundbreaking technologies and strategic partnerships.

Their recent achievements include securing a contract for a cutting-edge bioprinting facility, collaborating with Microsoft and Marvel Studios on an educational initiative,

and achieving impressive financial growth.

Redwire is at the forefront of in-space manufacturing and bioprinting, propelling the industry forward and shaping the future of space exploration.

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