Redditor 3D prints Dragonbone dagger from Elder Scrolls

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3D print fans of the elder scroll franchise are going to love this.
Another Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim fan has used a 3D printer to bring one of the game’s weapons, the Dragonbone Dagger, into the real world.

Members of the Skyrim community who appreciate the beauty and variety of Skyrim weapons will likely appreciate the accuracy and details of this fan’s 3D-printed dagger.
Many of the players in the action RPG have previously crafted the game’s equipment in real life. Because the world of Skyrim contains so many beautiful weapons and armour,

the game’s community’s creatives have plenty of material to work with.

Some use traditional mediums like foam, wood, or metal,

while others use modern devices like 3D printers to bring these in-game items to life.

Whatever materials are used,

the Skyrim fanbase is probably just happy to see that real-world versions of these items are possible.

3D printing fantasy into reality

Dragonbone Dagger

Displaying their work on the popular website, Redditor ReProps shared a photo of their 3D-printed Skyrim Dragonbone Dagger.

The item appears to be extremely detailed,

even showing details of how worn out the dagger’s metal is, as seen in the game. Given that they were holding it with only one hand, ReProp’s weapon appears to be accurate in terms of size.

The Dragonbone Dagger is one of the weapons that the Dragonborn in Skyrim can forge once they reach level 100 in their Smithing skill and have the Dragon Armor perk.
ReProp’s work on the Dragonbone Dagger received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Reddit thread. Many people joked about where they got the dragon bones to forge the weapon, and one even asked if the Redditor had already reached level 100 in Skyrim Smithing.

According to their Reddit profile, the artist is quite prolific in creating props,

weapons, and armour from various video games and other series. Another Skyrim piece, a Dawnguard helm, a Pip-Boy from Fallout, and others are among their works.
Hopefully, this will not be the last Skyrim weapon or armour that ReProps creates and posts online.

Given how game-accurate their 3D-printed Dragonbone Dagger is,

they’re likely to make other pieces with the same level of care and detail.

Fans are likely to be excited to see the next 3D print project they create,

whether it is Skyrim-themed or not.

Source: Reddit

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