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Raise3D Unveils Groundbreaking DF2 3D Printer at Formnext

The recent Formnext conference in Frankfurt, Germany, set the stage for a groundbreaking moment in 3D printing technology as Raise3D unveiled its latest innovation—the DF2 Digital Light Processing (DLP) solution. The cosy cinema of the historic Orfeos Erben film house hosted industry leaders eager to witness the paradigm shift in 3D printing technology.

Real-World Applications with Raise3d’s DF2

Designed to expand Raise3D’s FFF technology, the DF2 caters to the diverse needs of users. Real-world applications highlight the versatility of the DF2, with examples like Artitek and Brucom Co. Ltd utilizing it for intricate designs and small batch production. Shenzhen JLC Technology Group combines DF2 with existing FFF technology to enhance its print farm offering, and ThyssenKrupp Bilstein customizes hardware for collaborative robots.

Resin Variety:
The DF2 offers a wide array of resins to meet specific industry requirements. Each type is meticulously developed for detailed prototypes or durable, functional parts, from the easy-to-use Standard Resin and High Detail Resin to the durable Tough 2K Resin and Rigid 3K Resin. Raise3D’s partnerships with third-party resin manufacturers like BASF and Henkel ensure a high-quality resin lineup.

Advanced Features:
Highlighted advanced features of the DF2 include anti-aliasing technology and air-peel technology for easy model detachment. These features not only boost productivity but also ensure the highest quality of printed products. The stability of the Z-axis guarantees high-quality prints in the Z-direction, eliminating layering or staggered layers.

Raise3D’s Vision for Resin Printing Excellence

Raise3D’s CEO, Edward Feng, expressed pride in the company’s achievement with the DF2 Solution. “Our goal has always been to make resin printing hassle-free for production, with unmatched repeatability, unparalleled quality, and remarkable speed.”

Partnerships Driving Innovation
Raise3D’s strategic partnerships with resin manufacturers such as BASF and Henkel play a crucial role in the success of the DF2. Co-branded materials like LOCTITE 3D IND405 and Ultracur3D RG 3280 contribute to the printer’s diverse resin offerings.

Future Prospects and Industry Impact
The DF2’s introduction marks a significant step toward revolutionizing 3D printing, with its potential to reshape industries through precision, speed, and streamlined workflows. As the technology evolves, Raise3D’s DF2 sets a new standard for resin printing excellence.


raise3d DF2 printer at formnext 2023

In echoing the sentiments of Edward Feng, Raise3D’s visionary CEO, the unveiling of the DF2 at Formnext marks a pivotal moment in the trajectory of 3D printing. Feng’s commitment to making resin printing a seamless process for production, characterized by unrivaled repeatability, unmatched quality, and exceptional speed, is now embodied in the DF2 Solution. This remarkable innovation not only stands as a testament to Raise3D’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology but also represents a giant leap toward realizing a future where efficiency, quality, and innovation converge.

As the DF2 sets a bold new standard in speed, precision, and workflow integration, it not only meets the current demands of various industries but also anticipates the evolving needs of tomorrow. The end-to-end workflow, with RFID technology seamlessly orchestrating every step from slicing to curing, epitomizes Raise3D’s commitment to simplifying complex processes in the fast-paced production landscape. This integrated approach is not merely an advancement; it’s a paradigm shift that aligns with the industry’s call for streamlined, efficient, and reliable 3D printing solutions.

As we bear witness to this groundbreaking leap at Formnext, it is evident that Raise3D’s DF2 is not merely a technological marvel but a harbinger of a new era. The industry can now anticipate a future marked by heightened efficiency, uncompromising quality, and a continuous wave of innovation in the dynamic realm of 3D printing. The DF2, with its ingenuity and forward-looking design, stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, inviting stakeholders to embrace a future where 3D printing transcends boundaries and redefines what is possible.

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