What is the best way to fix a warped bed?

    3D Printing Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhat is the best way to fix a warped bed?
    Tom Baxter asked 1 year ago
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    I know you can put a piece of glass over the metal bed, but I was wondering if there was anything else? I have a rather small print volume and didn’t want to lose that much on my Z axis.


    1. Having had a similar issue with a warped bed there’s a few options. If you’re worried about losing too much build volume some of the PEI and similar style build mats are actually quite thin and you won’t be adding much to the bed height by using one. Personally I prefer glass but if you have a smaller build plate you can always go pick up a few 12″ x 12″ mirrored glass tiles from your local hardware store pretty cheap.

      If the bed warping is bad enough to transfer through to the mirror (or the mat) you may have to add a few layers of tape (preferably foil tape to better transfer heat.) The bow in the middle of the bed I use most frequently had enough of a bow that adding shims in the center of the bed was the only way to get it level and true without changing out the bed entirely.


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    1 Answers
    Mark answered 1 year ago
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    if possible mesh bed leveling, this is available in the Marlin firmware. if you google this it essentially compensates for the warp in the bed by moving z axis up and down slighty as nozzle moved across bed. The easy answer is glass or a mirror, the glass can be only 2-3mm thick so shouldnt make a drastic difference to build volume. you could always tighten your bed leveling nuts down more to compensate for the height loss