Jon asked 1 year ago
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    What is the best FDM 3D printer to use for D&D Mini\’s IF I don\’t want ot use SLA (resin) based printers because of health reasons and small pets.?


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    1 Answers
    Mark answered 1 year ago
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    Hello, have a look at this video, hes seems to be getting good results with an ender 3.

    Also suggests a lot is about settings and does give good settings for the Ender 3. I’d also consider a TEVO flash if reviews suggest is good. I think probably a newer model will have more group support/ people working out how to print well, ie maybe not a TEVO tarantula or anet A8. I think people (including myself) are getting good prints with these but results are more variable with the older DIY kit printers.

    I think there are mini printing facebook groups and there are collections on thingiverse, which may have more advice.

    I imagine higher end/more expensive printers will be getting good results also