How does 3D Printing work?

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    Daniel Faegnell asked 1 year ago
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    How does 3D Printing work?


    1. 3D Printing technologies build an object layer by layer to create a complex shape. In order to build this object we need a 3D file that contains accurate information about the geometry of the part. Then the information in this 3D file is sent to the 3D-printer that will build up the material matching the 3D file.


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    Tom Baxter answered 1 year ago
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    3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing, is the process of building an object layer by layer. The printerwill deposit material in very thin layers to eventually create an object. To do this a 3D object in the form of an STL file is loaded into "slicing" software. The software takes thes objects and breaks it down into many thin layers and saves it to a GCODE file. GCODE is the language that tells the 3D printer the X, Y, & Z directions to move the print head while extruding or depositing material. There is much more invovled in what GCODE actually does. There is also many types of 3D printing technology, (FDM, DLP, SLA, etc.), but this is a basic explanation.