Build plate Adhesion


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Stephen Seelos asked 8 months ago
Build plate Adhesion
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How do you print just on the glass of the cr-10?

Mark replied 7 months ago

You need to make sure your bed is level and nozzle and appropriate distance from the glass bed, it might be these causing it not to stick. Make sure you glass is clean and grease free, some suggest dish soap or alcohol/methylated spirits. If that doesn’t work for PLA a thin layer of glue stick (pritt stick) or hair spray (spray off the bed so you don’t get it on the printer) or for abs a small amount of abs slurry (abs dissolved in acetone).

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Rich Clarke answered 7 months ago
Answer for Build plate Adhesion
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You can use PVA glue, hair spray, or you can watch a little video and let Ivan tell you how he does it. I do not use glass, except on my A5 which has a bed like the Anycubic. The other 5 printers have removable spring steel plates with Buildtak,Lokbuild,GeckoTek or PEI.

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