What is the best site for finding local 3D Printer / Maker groups?

3D Printing Q&ACategory: General QuestionsWhat is the best site for finding local 3D Printer / Maker groups?
Tom Baxter asked 4 years ago
2 Answers
JamesFitts answered 5 months ago

Yes, Tom Baxter. You already know that 3D printers have come down in price, grown easier to set up and operate and become more reliable. There are so many online websites that provide 3D printers reviews and details. For this reason, we are confused for choose the best one. But in my opinion, Productz is the best site for finding a local 3D Printer. You can find here – https://productz.com/en/3d-printers/c/80. I hope it will help to choose the right one.

Rameshwar answered 3 weeks ago

3deometry is best 3d printers manufactures company..

3Deometry Innovations is one of the pioneers in the segment of Delta 3D Printer Manufacturing. The team has accomplished developing a robust, easy to use 3D Printer that caters right from beginners to industrial grade 3d printing machines and much more..

visit us https://3deometry.com/3d-printers/3deometry/

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