What dimensions are good for the Anet A8

3D Printing Q&ACategory: General QuestionsWhat dimensions are good for the Anet A8
Jason asked 1 year ago

I am going to get the 3d Printer Anet A8 and I was looking at PLA Filament and there is all these different dimensions, which one do I get?-Jason

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greg Staff answered 1 year ago

It entirely depends on your needs or what you intend to print.

If you only expect to print items that fit into one selection’s bed area then go for that.

Remember that you can often adjust larger prints into more manageable small sections and combine them after printing to make much larger models than the bed will allow.

Conversely, buying a printer with a larger print area from the outset will still allow you to print smaller items but may cost more to purchase and give you more room as your skill level grows or your needs change from your initial purpose.

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