Upgraded to higher quality filament and am now having bed adhesion problems

3D Printing Q&ACategory: TechnicalUpgraded to higher quality filament and am now having bed adhesion problems
Kelly asked 3 years ago

Hi, I have recently taken a job as an engineer at a manufacturing company and have been put in charge of the 3d printer and printing duties. I am new to 3D modeling and printing but have a fairly decent grasp on it. Recently I found out that the filament we were using was some cheapo stuff that wasn\’t covered by our machines warranty. I upgraded to the regular PushPlastic PLA but now I have been having trouble with the bottom of my piece warping up partly through the build. From what i\’ve read it\’s a temp distribution problem but i\’ve done several tests adjusting the beh heat from none up to 60°C, changing fan speed, open/close cover, and still seem to have an issue. Was hoping to get some insight from some more experienced printers. We are using an F410 Printer by Fusion 3, and I just upgraded to the regular PushPlastic filament 1.75mm Ultra Blue

1 Answers
greg Staff answered 3 years ago

One thing you haven’t mentioned trying is the initial layer settings. Try extruding a little more for the first layer which may give the extra adhesion you require.

You may also consider adding a brim to prints which can also help with first layer issues.

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